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I have a query about a let­ter from Sean in is­sue 281. Your re­sponse gives in­struc­tions to build an Au­toma­tor work­flow, which tell the reader to right-click the ac­tion they’ve just added and dis­able it. I’m puz­zled; won’t that make an app that does noth­ing? Alan This was a script to load a ker­nel ex­ten­sion that wakes Blue­tooth de­vices, and you are quite right. What you ac­tu­ally need to do is right-click the ‘Run Ap­pleScript’ ac­tion’s ti­tle bar and choose ‘Ig­nore In­put’, which dis­ables the lit­tle nub­bin that con­nects ‘Ap­pli­ca­tion re­ceives files and fold­ers as in­put’ with the first ac­tion. Apolo­gies to any­one who tried the orig­i­nal so­lu­tion and found it didn’t work be­cause the script was dis­abled.

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