Older key­boards don’t work in Yosemite

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Af­ter updating to 10.10.1 on my late 2012 iMac and my 2014 Mac­Book Pro, I find that my USB key­board does not op­er­ate cor­rectly on ei­ther ma­chine. It was fine on Mav­er­icks. I still like to use a ‘proper’ key­board with real keys for typing rather than the cur­rent rub­ber but­ton styles, so I use a Mac frame­less USB key­board. Is there any way to make the key­board map cor­rectly or is there an equiv­a­lent key­board avail­able that will work cor­rectly with 10.10.1? Martin Booth I’m the ex­act op­po­site. I like the low-pro­file key­boards so much that as well as hav­ing them on all my Macs, I have an al­most iden­ti­cal one with Win­dows keys for my PC. The is­sue with the old-style key­boards on MacBooks had been re­ported in Mav­er­icks too, but it seems to have got worse in Yosemite. They ei­ther don’t re­spond at all, or suf­fer from keys that act like they’re stuck down. You can some­times wake them by plug­ging a mem­ory stick into one of the key­board’s USB ports. It seems that the stick is able to reg­is­ter its pres­ence with the Mac­Book and the key­board can slip­stream be­hind.

If that fails, there are still a few man­u­fac­tur­ers mak­ing key­boards with larger keys and more pos­i­tive tac­tile re­sponse. Try the Cherry G82-2702 Ini­tial, which is about £18 on Ama­zon.

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