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by Luis Villazon The next ver­sion of OS X will prob­a­bly be an­nounced in a few months at the WWDC event. I don’t know what it will be called, or what lit­tle tweaks it will of­fer. But one thing I can say with con­fi­dence: it will be ver­sion 10.11, not OS XI. And I say that it’s time for change. I want iOS and the Mac OS to both jump straight to ver­sion 11 - the same op­er­at­ing sys­tem on all de­vices. We’ve been creep­ing to­wards this slowly since Lion, but the stick­ing point is the file and folder sys­tem for or­gan­is­ing data on the desk­top. This might seem like too fun­da­men­tal a thing to throw away, but

“Files are fid­dly to ma­nip­u­late… they get accidentally deleted and we need to re­call where we’ve put them”

on my iPad, I’m barely aware of the con­cept of files. I’m just do­ing stuff and shar­ing stuff; where it gets stored and what it gets called is rarely a con­cern. Files are fid­dly to ma­nip­u­late with a track­pad, and ex­pos­ing them di­rectly to the user means they get accidentally deleted and we need to re­call where we’ve put them.

Desk­top Macs could break free of the mouse par­a­digm and give us an ap­p­driven in­ter­face, with swi­peable menu op­tions and in­vis­i­bly man­aged stor­age. New Macs would only ship with a Magic Track­pad and the mouse would be rel­e­gated to a gam­ing pe­riph­eral. Sure it would be shock­ing at first, just like the GUI of the orig­i­nal Macin­tosh was in 1984. But I think I can han­dle a shock ev­ery 30 years.

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