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I am con­stantly fight­ing to keep my 2014 Mac­Book Air’s 128GB SSD from fill­ing. I use Drop­box to store files and don’t in­stall many apps. How­ever, I use Par­al­lels with Win­dows 7 to run elec­tri­cal cer­ti­fi­ca­tion soft­ware called EasyCert, which isn't avail­able on OS X. Par­al­lels seems to be us­ing about 30GB. Could this be run from a 32GB SD card? The soft­ware is vi­tal and needed ev­ery day, so mess­ing it up is not a op­tion. Oth­er­wise, can I move some files/fold­ers to the SD card and point Par­al­lels to them? Rob Turn­bull You can cer­tainly run Par­al­lels from an ex­ter­nal stor­age de­vice and, pro­vided that EasyCert isn’t too de­mand­ing, maybe even a mem­ory card. You don’t ac­tu­ally need to move Par­al­lels it­self; the bulk of the disk space is taken up by the Win­dows vir­tual ma­chine. You can move this .pvm file off your hard disk to a new lo­ca­tion and dou­ble-click it from there to launch Win­dows. Be pre­pared for a much longer boot time though. Even a fast class 10 SD card only has read times of 60 to 90MB/sec, com­pared with over 700MB/sec for your Mac­Book’s SSD. For only a lit­tle more, a USB hard drive such as the Sam­sung M3 1TB (£46 on Ama­zon at the mo­ment) is much faster and roomier.

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