How to Force Quit an iPad

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I’ve tried shut­ting down my iPad mini 2 but it’s stuck on the blank screen with the spin­ning icon in the mid­dle. I’ve got it plugged into the mains right now, while I try to fig­ure out the so­lu­tion. Would it be bet­ter to drain the bat­tery, or could that dam­age it? Keith Tur­son No, that won’t hurt the iPad; iOS is de­signed to sur­vive run­ning out of power with­out dam­ag­ing the fil­ing sys­tem. But I don’t think it’s go­ing to come to that. When you hold down the Sleep/Wake but­ton and then power down the de­vice, iOS asks each app to close, and gives a few sec­onds for each one to put its af­fairs in or­der be­fore switch­ing it­self off.

You can per­form a hard re­set by hold­ing down both the Sleep/Wake and Home but­tons for 10 sec­onds. This forces all run­ning apps to close im­me­di­ately and then restarts the iPad. This doesn’t lose any data; it’s the same as pow­er­ing off and then restart­ing, ex­cept it’s a bit more force­ful. I’m con­fi­dent that this re­set op­tion will clear whichever app has got stuck.

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