Ge­om­e­try Wars 3: Di­men­sions

A tra­di­tional, fast-paced shooter

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC APPS - Price: £11.99 (Steam) £10.99 (App Store) De­vel­oper Aspyr Me­dia, 2.2GHz In­tel Core 2 Duo or bet­ter, 4GB RAM Highly ad­dic­tive game­play Chal­leng­ing lev­els and un­locks

Ge­om­e­try Wars 3 is a twin-stick shooter, mean­ing you move your ship us­ing a gamepad’s left stick, and use the right one to bring a hail of bul­lets upon enemies. You have to nav­i­gate all kinds of shapes and ob­sta­cles while un­der attack – 3D peanuts, tubes, spheres, mazes and more, each with dif­fer­ent game­play rules.

We men­tion a gamepad as it’s the only real way to play. Don't rely on a key­board or mouse as you’ll strug­gle with the early lev­els, and later ones will be im­pos­si­ble. (PS3, PS4, Xbox One and 360 pads are sup­ported.)

Dozens of ships and bul­lets test your dex­ter­ity, while your senses are bom­barded with brightly-coloured ob­jects and a thump­ing sound­track. It’s bril­liant fun if you like shoot­ers such as Robotron and Smash TV.

The care­fully de­signed me­chan­ics are very ad­dic­tive, and a leader­board, co-op mode and on­line play give you a rea­son to keep bet­ter­ing your score – and those of your friends. Progress un­locks up­grade­able drones that hover around your ship and spe­cial at­tacks that quickly clear the screen – great in a tight spot.

Ge­om­e­try Wars 3 is more a test of quick re­ac­tions and nim­ble fin­gers than deep thought and plan­ning. But its de­cep­tive sim­plic­ity hides a game that can take ages to mas­ter, and will no doubt lead to plenty of swear­ing when an un­seen en­emy ends your run for the umpteenth time. Orestis Bas­tou­nis

A fun shooter that mixes el­e­ments of old-school ar­cade shoot-’em-ups with plenty of new ideas.

The screen gets busy with enemies, bul­lets and power-ups, es­pe­cially by the time you reach its later stages.

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