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Th­ese neat Mac tools will help you stay fo­cused on your work

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Th­ese neat Mac tools will help you stay fo­cused on your work

It’s all too easy to sit down to work and find your­self still brows­ing Face­book, Twit­ter, the BBC or Wikipedia 30 min­utes later. Per­ma­nent on­line con­nec­tions are great for re­search and stream­ing, but they also rep­re­sent ter­ri­ble temp­ta­tion.

We’d never claim man­ual type­writ­ers rep­re­sent some kind of golden age, but there were fewer dis­trac­tions when all you had to look at was rib­bon and pa­per. Indie de­vel­op­ers ape th­ese sim­pler days with dis­trac­tion-free word pro­ces­sors such as Typed, Writer and By­word, which take you back to ba­sics. Hav­ing fewer but­tons and tool­bars – the idea goes – means you should do less fid­dling and more work­ing.

The trou­ble is, even in a stripped­down en­vi­ron­ment like this, it’s still too easy to click else­where and start play­ing in a sep­a­rate app – or to sim­ply gaze out of the win­dow.

For­tu­nately, help is at hand from a range of tools that can help you keep your mind on the job, and oth­ers that lit­er­ally block out dis­trac­tions, mak­ing it phys­i­cally im­pos­si­ble for you to stray onto for­bid­den web­sites un­til the end of an al­lot­ted time pe­riod. So ef­fec­tive are they at clamp­ing down on your net­work us­age that even re­boot­ing your Mac won’t cir­cum­vent the strict con­trols they put in place.

Here, we’ll show you how to im­ple­ment a range of mea­sures that care­fully bal­ance car­rot and stick to cre­ate a dig­i­tal en­vi­ron­ment much more con­ducive to work­ing.

Keep your mind on the job at hand, get more done and spend as short a time as pos­si­ble at your desk.

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