Where has my data gone?

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My iPhone 6 run­ning iOS 8.1.3 is gob­bling up mo­bile data at an alarm­ing rate. In Mo­bile set­tings, I’ve switched off us­ing mo­bile data for prac­ti­cally all apps. I’ve switched off ‘Use Mo­bile Data’ in iCloud Drive’s set­tings, but I find I can use 100MB of mo­bile data per day. My mo­bile data statis­tics show that al­most all of it is ac­counted for by ‘Sys­tem Ser­vices > Doc­u­ments & Sync’. Pre­sum­ably this is for sync­ing Con­tacts, Cal­en­dar, Pages, and other iCloud fea­tures be­tween my iMac, Mac­Book, iPad, iPhone but why is it still us­ing mo­bile data? Brian Quinn You’re right, it shouldn’t. Which means that this is a bug in iOS. It’s pretty rare at the mo­ment and I haven’t fig­ured out the steps to re­pro­duce it yet, but I do have one pos­si­ble work around. Cre­at­ing and switch­ing to a new iCloud ac­count has fixed this for ev­ery­one who has tried it, sug­gest­ing a doc­u­ment or sys­tem ser­vice on the old ac­count is get­ting cor­rupted and con­stantly thinks that it must sync it­self to iCloud. Right now there’s no way to iden­tify nor elim­i­nate the cul­prit with­out a new iCloud ac­count. Make sure you re­port this at ap­ple.com/feed­back.

Doc­u­ments & Sync should rack up only a few megabytes per month, not 100MB per day.

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