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There is some con­cern about Ap­ple’s de­ci­sion to equip the new Mac­Book with a sin­gle port with which to drive ex­ter­nal de­vices and dis­plays and also pump power into the Mac. That’s be­cause while USB-C is flex­i­ble (it can pro­vide USB, Dis­play­Port, HDMI, VGA and power of up to 100 watts) and rea­son­ably fast (5Gbps, and ca­pa­ble of work­ing in both di­rec­tions), it isn’t pos­si­ble to charge your Mac and use an ex­ter­nal mon­i­tor at the same time with­out ex­tra in­vest­ment in a com­pat­i­ble USB-C hub.

The good news is Ap­ple ap­pears to be loos­en­ing up to third-party ca­bles. “Most ac­ces­sories sup­port­ing the USB Type-C spec­i­fi­ca­tions should work with your new Mac­Book”, 9to5Mac said. If that’s cor­rect, it means bat­ter­ies and non-Ap­ple charg­ers will be com­pat­i­ble with the Mac­Book.

Small and likely to be widely sup­ported, USB-C may be the fu­ture of de­vice in­ter­con­nects, but po­ten­tial Mac­Book buy­ers will think twice be­fore in­vest­ing. Many will be put off by the need to buy a hub, new pe­riph­er­als, or ex­pen­sive con­vert­ers (such as one of Ap­ple’s £65 USB-C Mul­ti­port adapters) to use their ex­ist­ing kit.

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