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1 Change grabs save lo­ca­tion By de­fault, screen shots are saved to your desk­top. A bet­ter bet is to stash them some­where else, such as in your Pic­tures folder. To do this, use de­faults write com.ap­ple. screen­cap­ture lo­ca­tion /Users/[your user­name]/ Pic­tures; kil­lall Sys­temUIServer.

2 Cre­ate a dark mode short­cut Like Yosemite’s dark mode, but not ac­ti­vat­ing it in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences? Use sudo de­faults write /Li­brary/ Pref­er­ences/.Glob­alPref­er­ences.plist _HIEn­ableTheme SwitchHotKey -boolean true, log out and log in again. Now you can tog­gle dark mode via ç+≈+å+T.

3 Ex­pand Save di­alogs Save di­alogs in OS X start off with a ba­sic lay­out, and re­quire you to click the ar­row at the right of Save As to ex­pand them. Use the com­mand de­faults write -g NSNavPanelEx­pand­edS­tateForSaveMode -boolean true to en­able the ex­panded mode by de­fault.

4 Make Help a nor­mal win­dow Make the Help win­dow be­have like a nor­mal one by us­ing de­faults write com.ap­ple.helpviewer DevMode -boolean true. Now in­stead of al­ways ap­pear­ing and sit­ting on top of all the other win­dows, Help’s win­dows can be stacked just like any other win­dow.

5 Con­vert text to au­dio Us­ing Ter­mi­nal, you can con­vert text doc­u­ments to au­dio. Type say -o savedau­diofile.aiff -f (with a trail­ing space), drag your text file into the win­dow and hit ® . An AIFF file will be saved in your present work­ing di­rec­tory. (Use iTunes to con­vert it to MP3 or AAC.)

6 Show hid­den apps in the Dock OS X’s Dock dis­plays which apps are run­ning, but it doesn’t in­di­cate those that you’ve hid­den. Use the fol­low­ing com­mand: de­faults write com.ap­ple.Dock showhid­den -boolean yes; kil­lall Dock. The Dock icons of any apps that you’ve hid­den will now be semi-trans­par­ent. 7 Add a Re­cent Apps stack Run de­faults write com.ap­ple.dock per­sis­ten­tothers -ar­ray-add '{"tile-data" = {"list-type" = 1;}; "tile-type" = "re­cents-tile";}'; kil­lall Dock. Af­ter the Dock restarts, it has a new stack show­ing re­cent apps. Right-click the stack for re­cent files or servers.

8 Add a Dock spacer Run de­faults write com.ap­ple.dock per­sis­ten­tapps -ar­ray-add '{"tile-data" = {}; tile-type = "spacer-tile";}'; kil­lall Dock. Each time you do so, a blank space will be added to the Dock, which you can drag to or­gan­ise your apps. Right-click a spacer to re­move it.

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