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Add meta­data

Se­lect a project in the Browser and click Share at the top of the In­spec­tor to set meta­data that de­scribes the video’s con­tent. Click the tri­an­gle next to At­tributes to choose ad­di­tional data that as­sists with your film’s place­ment and pre­sen­ta­tion in iTunes and on iOS de­vices.


Add a des­ti­na­tion

Open your project and click the right­most but­ton in the cen­tre tool­bar to see places you can pub­lish it. A lit­tle set-up work is re­quired to send to YouTube and other on­line des­ti­na­tions. Start by choos­ing Add Des­ti­na­tion… at the bot­tom of the list. This will open Fi­nal Cut’s pref­er­ences.


Sign in to YouTube

A list of des­ti­na­tions is shown. If YouTube isn’t among them, click Add Des­ti­na­tion on the left, then drag YouTube from the right into the list. Se­lect it and click Sign In at the top right of the win­dow, then pro­vide your YouTube ac­count set­tings so that Fi­nal Cut can pub­lish there.


Make some choices

Choose a cat­e­gory for your up­loads, the frame size at which they’re up­loaded, and whether qual­ity or speed mat­ters most. You can cre­ate two des­ti­na­tions for the same ac­count but with dif­fer­ent set­tings. Dou­ble-click a des­ti­na­tion to re­name it if you want.


Miss­ing op­tions

Even if you opt for faster en­cod­ing to get your work on­line sooner, con­sider mak­ing videos pri­vate ini­tially, if you’re try­ing to earn money from them. This al­lows you to sign in to YouTube to con­fig­ure fine de­tails that aren’t avail­able from Fi­nal Cut, be­fore mak­ing the video public.


DVD and Blu-ray

Video that’s writ­ten to disc can be made to play au­to­mat­i­cally, and you can pro­vide a back­ground im­age for a disc’s menu. A USB writer be­comes se­lectable un­der Out­put De­vice af­ter con­nect­ing it. Oth­er­wise build to the hard drive and move the re­sults to an­other com­puter to make a disc.


Chap­ter mark­ers

To al­low view­ers to quickly jump to dif­fer­ent scenes, chap­ter mark­ers need to be added to your project’s timeline. Press å+M to add a marker at the play­head or pointer’s po­si­tion. Se­lect the third icon at the top of the pop-over to turn it into a chap­ter, then add a name and press OK.

8 Promo shots The frame un­der the play­head – or un­der the pointer if you’re skim­ming the timeline – can be ex­ported as an im­age file to use as a promo shot for your film. Speed this up by as­sign­ing a key­board short­cut for Save Cur­rent Frame… in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences’ Key­board pane.

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