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The iTunes way

Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your Mac us­ing USB or Wi-Fi. Click on the phone icon at the top-left cor­ner of iTunes and then click Mu­sic in the cat­e­gories that ap­pear be­low. Check the box la­belled ‘Sync voice memos’, and click Sync at the bot­tom­right of iTunes. Your memos will be im­ported into iTunes. You can play them there, or drag them to your desk­top to use else­where.


Us­ing share sheets

In Voice Memos, tap a memo and then the Share but­ton to see sev­eral op­tions, in­clud­ing Air­Drop. In Finder on your Mac, choose Go > Air­Drop. If both de­vices have Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth switched on, your Mac will ap­pear un­der Air­Drop on iOS. Tap it. When your Mac alerts you, don’t tap Open (which will im­port into iTunes). Save the file and then find it in your Down­loads folder.


Send it your­self

The share sheet in iOS 8 can be used to send memos to Drop­box, Ever­note or other ser­vices. On older ver­sions of iOS, you can use the Share but­ton to send a memo as an iMes­sage or email. In Voice Memos, tap a memo, tap the Share but­ton and then pick one of those op­tions. Add your­self to the ‘To’ field and tap Send. Down­load the memo on your Mac like any other at­tach­ment.

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