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Six great Mac speak­ers

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Por­ta­ble speak­ers are de­signed for mo­bile de­vices, and there are times when only a proper set of 2.0 stereo speak­ers will do for plug­ging into your Mac, par­tic­u­larly if its a Mac mini or iMac that stays where it is in your home.

Many peo­ple use their Mac as their main mu­sic sys­tem in their house, so a good set of 2.0 speak­ers (with two sep­a­rate satel­lite speak­ers for the left and right chan­nels) will re­ally make the most of your mu­sic, what­ever its for­mat. There are plenty of other more cre­ative uses for desk­top speak­ers as well. They’re es­sen­tial for record­ing mu­sic, of course, as well as for video- edit­ing, and even a stan­dard Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion will ben­e­fit from a de­cent set of speak­ers.

A 2.0 speaker sys­tem has a num­ber of ad­van­tages. Even larger speaker docks fail to cre­ate any real stereo sep­a­ra­tion, and you’ll only be able to hear a gui­tar bounc­ing man­i­cally, for in­stance, if you’ve got sep­a­rate left and right speak­ers set a fair dis­tance apart. The di­rec­tional sound you can get from 2.0 speak­ers works well for games too, giv­ing you a real sense of what’s hap­pen­ing on the bat­tle­field around you.

The phys­i­cal sep­a­ra­tion of two speak­ers also helps to cre­ate a more ex­pan­sive and re­al­is­tic sound. And although we’ve heard some fairly loud one-piece speaker docks, there aren’t many that can re­ally fill a room with sound like some of the 2.0 speak­ers that we’ve re­viewed here.

You’re not com­pletely deskbound ei­ther, as many of the lat­est desk­top speak­ers in­clude Blue­tooth for your iPhone and other mo­bile de­vices. They of­fer other fea­tures too, such as dig­i­tal in­puts so you can use them with a TV, head­phone sock­ets, and con­nec­tors so you can plug in a sub-woofer to ex­pand your sys­tem if you want to. So give your ears a treat and check out this se­lec­tion of the best 2.0 desk­top speak­ers cur­rently avail­able for your desk­top Mac. Cliff Joseph

There are times when only a proper set of 2.0 stereo speak­ers will do for plug­ging into a Mac

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