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What tips?

I bought is­sue 284 as I wished to take ad­van­tage of the 26 Yosemite tips. Where was the ar­ti­cle? Or are the mat­ters just cov­ered in some ar­ti­cles? Phil James Chris­tian Hall says… Hi Phil, yes, th­ese tips re­ferred to the tu­to­ri­als in the Im­prove sec­tion that were Yosemite-re­lated. Depend­ing on what we feel might make a bet­ter cover line we do oc­ca­sion­ally group things to­gether un­der one theme, but usu­ally we high­light spe­cific fea­tures and in­di­vid­ual ar­ti­cles. You’re not the only per­son to point this out, so maybe we need to clar­ify things bet­ter in the fu­ture.

Sav­ing grace

I use Pages 4.3 on a Mac mini run­ning Moun­tain Lion. I never up­graded to Mav­er­icks, but I want to up­grade to Yosemite soon. I’ll need to up­grade to Pages 5.5 if I do this, but this ver­sion has re­moved a few fea­tures that are very im­por­tant to me. It’s also added one par­tic­u­lar fea­ture that will have a neg­a­tive im­pact on how I write and edit my work.

I’m a fic­tion writer so I play around with word changes. I ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent ways of say­ing things. Read along a bit, change some­thing else. Then go back and change my first sen­tence back, but keep the sec­ond one as it is now. I save my changes only when I’m ready to. How­ever, I un­der­stand this new ver­sion of Pages now au­to­mat­i­cally saves all changes. Can this be dis­abled? If not, why not?

Ap­par­ently many other func­tions have also been re­moved. Ad­vanced find/re­place, al­ter­nat­ing left-right mar­gins (along with al­ter­nat­ing left­right head­ers and foot­ers), non­con­tigu­ous text se­lec­tion. Los­ing th­ese func­tions is up­set­ting. Jan Fo­ley Alex Blake says… Ter­mi­nal com­mands ex­ist for dis­abling Auto Save (they’re slightly dif­fer­ent for each app, but they’re easy to find us­ing Google). How­ever, it sounds like Auto Save’s com­pan­ion fea­ture, Ver­sions, would be ben­e­fi­cial to you – at least af­ter you get your head around the po­ten­tially mis­lead­ing name of a re­lated menu item.

As well as pe­ri­od­i­cally sav­ing your work in the back­ground, you can choose File > Save to in­struct Pages to take a snap­shot of your work as it stands at that mo­ment. If you later want to re­in­state some­thing from an ear­lier ver­sion, choose File > Revert To > Browse All Ver­sions… – and here’s the thing that can be mis­lead­ing: Revert To might sug­gest that you can roll back to an ear­lier ver­sion only in its com­plete form, but that’s not the case.

When you’ve found the cor­rect older ver­sion, click the pre­view of it on the right­hand side of the screen to en­large it. You’re able to se­lect part of its con­tent – text, pic­tures, ta­bles and more – copy just that to the clip­board, and paste it into the cur­rent ver­sion with­out un­do­ing your later work.

This doesn’t help with the miss­ing fea­tures you de­pend on, though. We’re also frus­trated with the loss of dis­con­tigu­ous text se­lec­tion, which we found in­valu­able when ap­ply­ing text styles. If that’s why you need the fea­ture, a tip in this is­sue’s iWork fea­ture (which starts on page 28), about as­sign­ing key­board short­cuts to styles, might help speed things up in its ab­sence, pro­vided you only have a small num­ber of styles to ap­ply.

PDF ver­sions?

I’ve been a sub­scriber of MacFor­mat for nearly nine years and I’ve been try­ing to down­load the PDF ver­sions of my last cou­ple of MacFor­mat is­sues, but I don’t seem to be able to get to the sub­scriber’s ar­chive. Has it been moved? I much pre­fer read­ing a hard copy of the mag­a­zine, which is why I’ve con­tin­ued with my pa­per sub­scrip­tion, but it’s been very use­ful to have the PDFs for look­ing up in­for­ma­tion quickly. I just don’t have room to keep the pa­per ver­sions of the mag for longer than a year. Alison Napier Seth Singh says… Sadly, the MacFor­mat web­site was de­comis­sioned in March in favour of our Face­book page, which gets many more views (MacFor­ is now for new sub­scrip­tion sign-ups). Sadly, we are un­able to sup­port the flat PDF ver­sion any longer as our ef­forts are go­ing into our award-win­ning iPad edi­tion that’s fully in­ter­ac­tive and grow­ing in pop­u­lar­ity all the time.

An of­ten over­looked ben­e­fit of Auto Save and Ver­sions is the abil­ity to se­lec­tively re­store bits of your work.

Our ‘26 Yosemite tips’ com­prised of a few dif­fer­ent tu­to­ri­als.

Rugged land­scape This panoramic shot of Heck­lake, Dart­moor, was shot by Roger Bird on an iPhone 5 as a se­ries of six shots in the Cam­era app and then stitched to­gether in Pho­to­shop El­e­ments 12.

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