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£30 Man­u­fac­turer IK Mul­ti­me­dia, ik­mul­ti­me­ Re­quires gui­tar with jack lead, iOS de­vice with head­phone port and run­ning com­pat­i­ble record­ing soft­ware

The orig­i­nal iRig was a hugely popular and en­tirely id­iot-proof means of plug­ging a gui­tar into an iOS de­vice. This fol­low-up isn’t quite as sim­ple, but be­cause of that it’s far more ver­sa­tile.

The ba­sics re­main the same: plug it into your de­vice’s head­phone socket, then plug your gui­tar jack lead into the quar­ter-inch in­put. You can plug head­phones into the 3.5mm out­put socket too, to bet­ter mon­i­tor what you’re play­ing. The new ad­di­tions are an in­put gain dial and jack out­put; with the flick of a switch, the out­put sig­nal can be tog­gled be­tween FX (pro­cessed) and THRU (clean). The case now boasts a clip, and there’s a strap in the box for at­tach­ing your iRig 2 to a mic stand.

Dur­ing testing, it was im­me­di­ately ap­par­ent this isn’t so much an im­prove­ment on the iRig as an en­tirely new piece of hard­ware. With our iPad Air we ex­pe­ri­enced no dis­cernible la­tency, and the de­fault in­put was clearer than the rel­a­tively thin sound you get from the old iRig. Apps seemed happy with the gain up high, which pro­vided a strong sig­nal for record­ing; when out­putting to an amp, the abil­ity to fine-tune gain lev­els was use­ful for im­prov­ing the over­all sound.

Com­pared to higher-end Light­ning port gui­tar in­ter­faces, such as Apogee’s JAM or IK Mul­ti­me­dia’s own iRig HD, the iRig 2 still comes off sec­ond best, lack­ing some rich­ness and depth; but then it’s a frac­tion of the price, doesn’t stop you charg­ing your de­vice and works with older hard­ware. Craig Gran­nell

The iRig 2 ex­pands on its pre­de­ces­sor with a gain dial and out­put. A sim­ple to use gui­tar in­ter­face for iOS that’s an ab­so­lute bar­gain at the price de­spite its flaws

Com­pact and easy to use

No dis­cernible la­tency

Gain dial and jack out­put

Sound qual­ity lacks rich­ness

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