Re­claim iPhone space

Get back stor­age on your iPhone or iPad with Phone-Ex­pander

Mac Format - - IMPROVE -

Get back stor­age on your iPhone or iPad with PhoneEx­pander

SKILL LEVEL Any­one can do it

IT WILL TAKE 30 min­utes

YOU’ll NEED OS X 10.8 or higher, iOS 7 or higher PhoneEx­pander, a USB con­nec­tor for your de­vice

Mod­ern tech­nol­ogy con­tin­ues its in­evitable shift to­wards ap­pli­ance-style de­vices. Gone are the days when you could eas­ily open up and tin­ker with hard­ware, ex­pand­ing and cus­tomis­ing it. To­day, this think­ing tends to stop with a snazzy sleeve or some­thing you can plug into some­thing else. And that’s OK. There’s noth­ing wrong with hard­ware that works well, and where the user doesn’t have to fret about main­tain­ing any­thing be­yond oc­ca­sion­ally prod­ding ‘OK’ when asked to up­date some soft­ware.

There is one ma­jor ex­cep­tion, how­ever, and that’s stor­age. No iOS de­vice is ex­pand­able, and so you’re stuck with what­ever you plumped for when pur­chas­ing your phone or tablet. At the time, 16GB might have seemed plenty, but iPhones and iPads soon fill up once you start in­stalling apps and games, shoot­ing pho­tos and videos, and even when us­ing cer­tain apps a lot. So­cial net­work­ing apps, for ex­am­ple, have a ten­dency to bloat from their ini­tially tiny down­load sizes, pri­mar­ily be­cause they cache im­agery and video for later play­back.

Phone-Ex­pander (which, de­spite its name, works fine with the iPad and iPod touch) is a quick fix for gain­ing back chunks of space on your de­vice. The ver­sion we used was a beta, so might dif­fer slightly from what you see when read­ing this; what won’t change is the app’s speed, ef­fi­ciency and re­sults.

Go to phoneex­ to find out more and down­load the app to your Mac. To get crack­ing with our stepby-step walk­through here, sim­ply plug in your de­vice us­ing your USB ca­ble and launch the app. Craig Gran­nell

Phone-Ex­pander is a quick fix for gain­ing back chunks of space on iPhones and iPads

PhoneEx­pander is a fast way of get­ting space back on your iOS de­vice.

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