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In MF285, Su­san Plat­ter couldn’t down­load OS X. One pos­si­bil­ity could be that she has a BT mo­dem/router. All their mod­els more than two years old block down­loads ex­ceed­ing 4GB. I ex­pe­ri­enced this and re­solved it with a new mo­dem. How­ever the new one had no VoIP fa­cil­ity, so I now have to swap be­tween two mod­els! John Marsh

That’s a good point, John. Some older modems, es­pe­cially the BT Home Hub have had prob­lems with In­ter­net Re­cov­ery in the past. Some of them ac­tu­ally stall af­ter just 53MB. Most of us stick with the same broad­band provider for years and years, through sheer in­er­tia. There’s re­ally no ex­cuse for this. Once you have a Gmail or iCloud email ad­dress that isn’t tied to a spe­cific broad­band com­pany, you can switch providers with a min­i­mum of fuss. If you stay with the same bank or elec­tric­ity com­pany for too long, you might be miss­ing out on the best deals. But if you don’t change broad­band provider ev­ery few years, you might also find your­self stuck with out of date router hard­ware. Most com­pa­nies only send you a new router when you first sign up. So when your ini­tial con­tract comes up for re­newal, it’s def­i­nitely worth get­ting in touch with your provider even if you don’t plan to switch, and ask­ing them for a new mo­dem.

Yosemite is over 5GB to down­load and older broad­band routers may block it.

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