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I have 10.6.8 Snow Leop­ard. It’s do­ing ev­ery­thing I need here: VMware 3 us­ing Win­doze XP, SQL Server and Crys­tal Re­ports all work per­fectly, shar­ing Mac fold­ers. So why up­grade? VMware 7 won’t go on 10.6.8, I don’t think. Is it easy to go to Yosemite (and keep us­ing VMware 3 or does it need an up­grade to 7?) Will I lose my apps or files? Will XP still be us­able? I have a 2008 Mac Pro 2x 2.8GHz Quad Xeon model. Mike Bird

There’s cer­tainly a strong ar­gu­ment for not fix­ing things that ain’t broke. But both Snow Leop­ard and Win­dows XP are no longer sup­ported by Ap­ple and Mi­crosoft re­spec­tively. That means no new se­cu­rity up­dates and, for XP es­pe­cially, that may be a con­cern if your Mac Pro is con­nected to the in­ter­net. Any viruses or tro­jans you pick up in Win­dows can’t cross-in­fect OS X, but they will af­fect you all the time you are run­ning Win­dows and can spread to clients or friends. But on the other hand, the up­grade to Yosemite, Win­dows 8 and VMware Fu­sion 7 is big enough that I would be strongly tempted to up­grade the Mac Pro as well.

Your men­tion of SQL Server makes me think that this ma­chine is used for work and I’d be very ner­vous of chang­ing so many things at once on a com­puter that I used to earn a living. By start­ing with a new Mac, you can keep the old one run­ning, and set up the new one run­ning along­side un­til you are con­fi­dent you’ve ironed out any kinks.

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