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Some sneaky tricks and fixes that we’ve stum­bled across this month. If you find one your­self, send it in!

1 Spot­light nor­mally closes as soon as you click the search win­dow. If you are us­ing it as a cal­cu­la­tor, it can be an­noy­ing to have to re­mem­ber the re­sult when you switch back to the email you were writ­ing. Right-click­ing the mag­ni­fy­ing glass icon on Yosemite’s menu bar will make Spot­light stay on top.

2 If an­other ap­pli­ca­tion is us­ing the mi­cro­phone then FaceTime won’t be able to open the de­vice and won’t trans­mit au­dio (or warn you that it failed to open the mic). This hap­pens even if the other app is run­ning on an­other user ac­count. 3 If you close the lid on a Mac­Book Air with­out shut­ting down and the bat­tery runs flat, it can some­times mis­tak­enly think it’s plugged into an ex­ter­nal dis­play and the screen won’t turn on again. Fix this by press­ing ç+ P+R+ power but­ton.

4 Find empty fold­ers on your Mac by cre­at­ing a smart folder in Finder that matches ‘Kind is Folder’ and ‘Num­ber of items equals 0’.

5 If iTunes seems to start it­self spon­ta­neously, check that no one in your house­hold is us­ing Blue­tooth head­phones that have pre­vi­ously been paired with the Mac. iTunes will start ev­ery time the head­phones are turned on, if the Mac has Blue­tooth on.

Spot­light is more use­ful as a cal­cu­la­tor, when you can make the re­sults win­dow ‘sticky’.

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