A phone that doesn’t make calls

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I’m plan­ning to go to the US on hol­i­day in a few weeks. I want to use my iPhone 6 as a cam­era while I’m away but I don’t want to risk run­ning up roam­ing charges if I re­ceive calls or texts. Is there a way of avoid­ing this? I can turn off cel­lu­lar data, but I can’t find a set­ting to turn off phone calls and texts. Lyn Moore

Turn­ing on Air­plane Mode dis­ables all wire­less com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tems in your iPhone. Counter in­tu­itively, you can then switch on Wi-Fi in iso­la­tion, keep­ing all other sys­tems off. (This also works for Blue­tooth, should you need to use, say, head­phones.) You’ll be able to get on­line over Wi-Fi and the cam­era will work just fine.

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