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As on­line stor­age be­comes es­sen­tial, it’s time for Ap­ple to stop be­ing so miserly

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The first time you ever use iCloud, you’re prob­a­bly quite happy to see that Ap­ple has given you 5GB of space en­tirely for free. That seems pretty gen­er­ous, but any joy rapidly evap­o­rates when you re­alise just how fast that space fills up. The prob­lem is that Ap­ple wants you to use iCloud for ev­ery­thing. It’s where your iOS back­ups live. It’s where all of your pho­to­graphs are sup­posed to be stored. And it’s in­creas­ingly where iOS and even OS X apps de­fault to when you try to save any­thing.

Nat­u­rally, when you blaze through 5GB, that’s not the end. Ap­ple pro­vides four monthly pay­ment op­tions for up­grad­ing your stor­age: 20GB for 79p; 200GB for £2.99; 500GB for £6.99; and 1TB for £14.99. (Your eyes aren’t de­ceiv­ing you – it’s ac­tu­ally more than twice as ex­pen­sive to buy 1TB per month than two lots of 500GB would cost you, if that hap­pened to be an op­tion.) It’s per­fectly jus­ti­fi­able to ask heavy users to splash out, but we’re reach­ing the point where a sin­gle iOS de­vice backup can stretch that 5GB, and two de­vice back­ups is of­ten im­pos­si­ble. We don’t know what the so­lu­tion is – 5GB per new Mac/iOS de­vice pur­chase, or free backup stor­age; we just know back­ups at the very least should just work. As it is, lots of peo­ple see a stor­age er­ror and stop back­ing up.

You should al­ways be able to back up your de­vices, how­ever many you own.

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