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Ap­ple wants you to down­load loads of apps, but should bet­ter help you man­age them

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We’ve never been im­pressed by Ap­ple’s ’scorched earth’ pol­icy re­gard­ing iOS app dele­tion. No mat­ter how long you’ve used an app for, re­moval takes your data with it. Re­in­stall and you then start from scratch, whether you were weeks into an adventure game or had set up a util­ity just how you liked it.

In the­ory, iCloud should seam­lessly deal with this – and some­times it does; but rel­a­tively few de­vel­op­ers utilise it. Ap­ple should take the lead here, au­tomat­ing the process and en­abling you to op­tion­ally re­store set­tings and data on any app re­in­stall.

Fur­ther app man­age­ment im­prove­ments would also be wel­come. It can take a long time to delete an app. Icons will wig­gle, you’ll tap the cross, but it’ll be ages be­fore the con­fir­ma­tion dialog ap­pears, dur­ing which time your de­vice will be un­re­spon­sive. And when you’ve loads of apps, or­gan­is­ing them is a pain, so many peo­ple don’t. Would it kill Ap­ple to add sorting op­tions, so you could dis­play apps al­pha­bet­i­cally or by sub­ject?

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