Two -up apps

One app at a time has been the iOS mantra, but we want a side-by-side op­tion

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The long-ru­moured iPad Pro is sup­posed to boast a larger dis­play than the iPad Air, along with a means to si­mul­ta­ne­ously dis­play two apps. The hard­ware might be elu­sive, but de­vel­op­ers have con­firmed code ex­ists for two-up app dis­play in iOS, split­ting the screen in half and other ra­tios.

Full-screen apps can be ben­e­fi­cial by forc­ing you to fo­cus on a sin­gle task. You can eas­ily switch be­tween apps us­ing a four-fin­ger swipe. But there are times when it’s frus­trat­ing not to see two apps at once, such as ref­er­ence ma­te­rial along­side what you’re writ­ing, or even just to browse the web and keep a mes­sag­ing app open along­side it.

Should a split-screen op­tion come to pass, it’ll need care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion from Ap­ple, be­cause it has the po­ten­tial to add com­plex­ity to the iOS in­ter­face and con­fuse. Done right, it would def­i­nitely in­ject some ‘pro’ into the iPad, re­gard­less of whether we get iPad hard­ware in a larger size.

Ap­ple loves full-screen mode, but we’re pretty sure ac­tual peo­ple would be fond of view­ing two iPad apps at once.

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