Tough Drive Mini SSD Pro

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£192 Man­u­fac­turer Freecom,

2 The re­lent­less march of minia­ture SSDs con­tin­ues. This 256GB one is a lit­tle thicker than the Sam­sung T1 we re­viewed in MF284, but it also feels like it would be more ro­bust if dropped. Its 1.7cm thick­ness is a lit­tle eas­ier to keep track of in a bag, too. Its peak and av­er­age trans­fer rates when read­ing were close to the T1, but it peaked at just 258.5MB/ sec­ond when ran­domly writ­ing data. Sig­nif­i­cantly, that’s 113MB/sec lower than the T1’s peak speed in the same test. There’s also the is­sue of cost: a 250GB T1 is about £121. Alan Stone­bridge A nice case on this drive but only okay per­for­mance, and it’s ex­pen­sive com­pared to other drives of sim­i­lar ca­pac­ity.

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