Dubs Acoust ic Fil­ters

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$25 (about £17) Man­u­fac­turer Dop­pler Labs, get­dubs.com

3 Many things in mod­ern life have be­come pretty loud: con­certs, living in cities, trav­el­ling on planes and so on. Regular earplugs block sound but also muf­fle it heav­ily. Th­ese spe­cially de­signed tech earplugs tar­get only the higher fre­quen­cies (the most dam­ag­ing) and so al­low you to hear rel­a­tively clearly but still pro­tect your hear­ing from the loud­est sounds. Tiny but com­fort­able, they are a es­pe­cially good for gigs, where high fre­quency lev­els can be far more danger­ous than most peo­ple re­alise if they’re hav­ing a good time! Not a bad price ei­ther. Hollin Jones A way to pro­tect your hear­ing from dam­ag­ing fre­quen­cies while al­low­ing most other sounds through.

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