Ex­pense Manager

Make sure you keep the re­ceipt for this app some­where safe

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC APPS -

£7.99 De­vel­oper iLifeTouch, iLifeTouch.com

Re­quires OS X 10.7 or higher

In the­ory, Ex­pense Manager has the mak­ings of great fi­nan­cial soft­ware: mul­ti­ple user sup­port, pass­word pro­tec­tion, at­trac­tive graphs and pie charts, auto backup and iCloud sync.

The prob­lem is, the user in­ter­face seems to have been an af­ter­thought and gets in the way at nearly ev­ery turn. Non-stan­dard but­tons make it hard to know what they do un­til clicked. For ex­am­ple, the right-hand Tag icon doesn’t tag any­thing, and in­stead dis­plays op­tions to fil­ter graph and bar chart data.

More an­noy­ingly, you can’t use all the ad­ja­cent space next to that but­ton to grab and move the win­dow, as with other Mac apps, even though this method works on the left-hand side above the search field. The lay­out ap­pears to have been awk­wardly ported from iOS, where th­ese de­ci­sions make more sense. The lack of a Help menu or user man­ual adds to the con­fu­sion.

Ex­pense Manager can also at­tach re­ceipts to en­tries, but only from ex­ist­ing files on the Mac. The in­abil­ity to use a built-in FaceTime cam­era to grab a snap­shot is a lost op­por­tu­nity. There’s no scan­ner sup­port ei­ther.

Data ex­port is also hit and miss: Ex­pense Manager of­fers a range of print, CSV, text and PDF out­put choices, but with no op­tion to see in­di­vid­ual en­tries along­side their vis­ual equiv­a­lent – PDF and printed data winds up be­ing lit­tle more than a low-res screen­shot of the app it­self.

Ex­pense Manager also com­mits the cardinal sin of pimp­ing an­other app ev­ery time it launches – the more ex­pen­sive Daily Ex­penses. This alone will have you re­gret­ting the de­ci­sion to spend £7.99 in the first place. J.R. Book­wal­ter Bla­tant ad­ware aside, it has the po­ten­tial to be a handy fi­nance app, if the ques­tion­able UI and us­abil­ity is­sues are ad­dressed.

Wide range of fea­tures

Cum­ber­some user in­ter­face

Sub­par print and PDF ex­port op­tions

No Help menu or user man­ual

Ex­pense Manager of­fers a lot of vis­ual flour­ish – largely un­touched from the iOS ver­sion.

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