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Can the app cope with your am­bi­tions?

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EverWeb en­ables you to add wid­gets such as HTML snip­pets, PayPal but­tons and so­cial me­dia shares, but it’s de­signed for peo­ple with fairly sim­ple web de­sign re­quire­ments. Sand­vox of­fers Ob­jects such as Ama­zon lists, maps and video em­bed­ding, but doesn’t ex­pect its cus­tomers to spend time tin­ker­ing with the un­der­ly­ing code. We­bA­cap­pella en­ables you to add photo al­bums, forms and maps, while Free­Way Pro can add blog­ger items, PayPal, AdSense and other so­cial ser­vices. Flux lets you add any­thing, and RapidWeaver has more than 1,000 down­load­able ad­dons, site ver­sion­ing and re­us­able code snip­pets.

RapidWeaver and Sand­vox sup­port re­spon­sive themes that ad­just to dif­fer­ent browser sizes or de­vices, while Free­Way Pro sup­ports re­spon­sive themes and lets you pre­view your site in dif­fer­ent res­o­lu­tions. We­bA­cap­pella doesn’t take mo­bile into ac­count, EverWeb re­quires cre­at­ing a sep­a­rate page for mo­bile and Flux is de­pen­dent on the code you write or copy.

The most user friendly apps don’t re­ally ex­pect their users to do much tin­ker­ing.

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