Od­dworld: New ’n’ Tasty

Abe’s odyssey is tough but satisy­ing

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC GAMES -

£14.99 De­vel­oper Od­dworld In­hab­i­tants/Just Add Wa­ter, od­dworld.com

Re­quires OS X 10.8.5 or higher, In­tel Core i3, 4GB RAM, see site for graph­ics cards

This is a re­make of the first Od­dworld game from 1997. Not so new, then, though it has been given a graph­i­cal over­haul and game­play tweaks. Leap­ing be­tween its plat­forms and over­com­ing ob­sta­cles re­mains sat­is­fy­ing.

You play Abe, a worker in a food pro­cess­ing plant. With his em­ployer’s for­tunes floun­der­ing, Abe over­hears plans for a new prod­uct – mor­eish morsels made from his species. So he sets out to es­cape with as many of his fel­lows as he can save.

When con­fronted with sleep­ing guards, Abe and his fol­low­ers can sneak past. Those on pa­trol re­quire ma­nip­u­la­tion by flick­ing coins to lure them and bring­ing ma­chin­ery to life at the right mo­ment. When you spot birds fly­ing in a cir­cle, that’s your cue to tell Abe to chant, which opens a por­tal at that po­si­tion for his fol­low­ers to es­cape their grisly fate.

Op­tions for solv­ing prob­lems are limited, but that doesn’t equate to a lack of chal­lenge. Abe will suf­fer plenty as you try to work out so­lu­tions, so ar­eas are bro­ken down with check­points. You’ll find your­self re­trac­ing your steps through many chal­lenges only to fail re­peat­edly at the same spot. To al­le­vi­ate the frus­tra­tion, you can fall back on the quick save op­tion, which pre­serves things on the spot, but it’s best used spar­ingly so that the ex­pe­ri­ence isn’t di­luted. Alan Stone­bridge

Abe’s world is full of bru­tal de­lights like get­ting rid of the floor un­der this guard.

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