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1 Cre­ate an al­bum

Choose File > New Al­bum and name it. The win­dow will show your pho­tos as mo­ments (taken around the same place and time). Click a photo to se­lect it for in­clu­sion in the al­bum, or put the pointer over a mo­ment’s ti­tle row and click Se­lect Mo­ment to mark all of its con­tents.

2 Add pho­tos to an al­bum

While mark­ing pho­tos for in­clu­sion, click Se­lected (top-left) to re­view your choices. Click a photo again to re­move the tick and ex­clude it. When you’re sat­is­fied, click Add (top-right) to see the al­bum’s new con­tents. Click Al­bums or the back ar­row in the tool­bar to see all al­bums.

3 Cre­ate a Smart Al­bum

Pick File > New Smart Al­bum to set rules that au­to­mat­i­cally gather pho­tos from your li­brary. Click the + to add more cri­te­ria, and choose whether any or all must match. Later, in the Al­bums view, click the cog next to a Smart Al­bum’s name to mod­ify its cri­te­ria.

4 Or­gan­ise your al­bums

In the Al­bums view, those you’ve cre­ated can be dragged around to re­ar­range them. Fold­ers can be used to group al­bums (and other fold­ers). Choose File > New Folder to make one. When a folder is se­lected, the Play and Share but­tons will act upon its en­tire con­tents.

5 Play a slideshow

Se­lect one or more al­bums or fold­ers, or open an al­bum and se­lect some of its con­tents (hold ç to se­lect more than one item), then click the Play but­ton in the tool­bar to choose a pre­sen­ta­tional theme and mu­sic (in­clud­ing from iTunes) to ac­com­pany your slideshow.

6 Mark a favourite photo

To mark a photo as a favourite and have it ap­pear in the Fa­vorites al­bum, put the cur­sor over it and click the heart at its top-left, or se­lect sev­eral pho­tos and click the heart on one to mark them all. Or, while view­ing a sin­gle photo, click the heart in the tool­bar or press the . key.

7 Show more in­for­ma­tion

Se­lect Win­dow > Info to see meta­data for the se­lected photo, such as cam­era set­tings and where it was taken (if recorded). You can add a ti­tle, de­scrip­tion, and key­words (press ® af­ter each), all of which Smart Al­bums can in­spect. You can also man­u­ally iden­tify peo­ple.

8 Quickly find peo­ple

The Faces al­bum shows peo­ple de­tected in your pho­tos. Dou­ble-click and name one. You’ll see other pho­tos thought to be of them, and be asked to con­firm or cor­rect. When done, the per­son’s face ap­pears larger in the al­bum and acts a short­cut to all pho­tos of them.

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