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1 Quickly edit a photo

Se­lect a photo and press ® . The app’s in­ter­face turns dark to put the em­pha­sis on the pic­ture. OS X’s dark mode (in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Gen­eral) com­ple­ments this look. Among the tools on the right, En­hance will try to im­prove your photo with a sin­gle click.

2 Ad­just fram­ing

Ro­tate turns a photo in 90° in­cre­ments. The Crop tool can ro­tate to any an­gle while main­tain­ing the over­all rec­tan­gu­lar shape. You can man­u­ally drag the white bor­der to crop with­out ro­tat­ing. Press­ing Auto at­tempts to straighten things along a per­ceived hori­zon.


Ap­ply a fil­ter

The Fil­ter tool of­fers a range of pre­made looks for your pho­tos. Click one to tog­gle it on or off so you can judge its aes­thetic. Click Done at the top-right to ap­ply it. The same eight fil­ters are avail­able in Pho­tos on iOS, so any you ap­ply will be pre­served as you move be­tween de­vices.

4 Clear up blem­ishes

The Re­touch tool clears up blem­ishes by sampling pix­els from one area as the ba­sis for fill­ing in an­other. The tool picks a source area. Over­ride its choice by hold­ing å and click­ing some­where. Let go and then brush out the un­wanted de­tail. []and ad­just brush size.

5 Ad­vanced ad­just­ments

The Ad­just tool dis­plays ad­justable at­tributes as hor­i­zon­tal bars. Click and drag along a bar to ad­just that at­tribute. Mov­ing the pointer over an ad­just­ment’s ti­tle row re­veals an Auto but­ton which, like the En­hance tool, sets the at­tribute to a good level with just one click.

6 In greater de­tail

Click the ar­row to the right of the Auto but­ton and the com­po­nents of that ad­just­ment are re­vealed. They can be ad­justed in­di­vid­u­ally us­ing the same click and drag ac­tion. Do this for Light, but drag on its main bar to see how this changes its com­po­nents by dif­fer­ent amounts.

7 Even more ad­just­ments

Click the tick next to an ad­just­ment to dis­able it, or click its name to re­set or re­move it. Click Add (top-right of the list) for other ef­fects that work in the same way ex­cept for Lev­els, on which you drag the dots be­low the his­togram to fix things such as colour bal­ance and ex­po­sure.

8 Re­use a photo’s look

If you find you ad­just the same at­tributes of­ten, check them all in the list and choose ‘Save as De­fault’ in the list. To ap­ply ad­just­ment val­ues from one photo to an­other, right-click the photo and choose Copy Ad­just­ments, edit an­other, right-click it, and choose Paste Ad­just­ments.

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