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I’m sav­ing doc­u­ments in iCloud but I con­tinue to be dis­ap­pointed. I have down­loaded the beta ver­sion of Pho­tos so I can see them on all my plat­forms. I only have a 16GB iPad and yet again this process uses all my stor­age and there­fore the ser­vice be­comes re­dun­dant and of no value. Surely it’s time Ap­ple does some­thing about this. Phil Ash­well Alex Blake says… In this is­sue you’ll find our guide to Pho­tos (page 44), which dis­cusses the app’s op­tion to op­ti­mise pho­tos for your de­vice. A 16GB iPad sounds roomy enough at first.

The other thing you’ll find dis­cussed in that fea­ture is the app’s abil­ity to cre­ate sev­eral li­braries. One is al­ways des­ig­nated as be­ing the Sys­tem Photo Li­brary, which is the only one that gets synced to iCloud. Do­ing things this way needs dis­ci­pline in choos­ing where you store dif­fer­ent pho­tos, and it sounds like, very rea­son­ably, you want your en­tire photo li­brary on all of your de­vices.

How­ever, if you have a large enough photo or mu­sic li­brary, it doesn’t fit well with the images that are au­to­mat­i­cally synced to your de­vice from ser­vices such as iCloud Photo Li­brary and iTunes Match. Those images – even in thumb­nail form – have to be stored some­where. This sort of thing is why we be­moaned the 16GB ca­pac­ity be­ing kept for the iPad Air 2. It’s in­creas­ingly go­ing to be a tight fit for many peo­ple.

We’ve had to make a com­pro­mise on dy­namic text re­siz­ing in some re­cent fea­tures in our app edi­tion.

Mail au­to­mat­i­cally sets up key­board short­cuts to move mes­sages and switch the view to any of the first nine mail­boxes in the Fa­vorites Bar.

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