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I am try­ing to cre­ate a short­cut in Mail sim­i­lar to one I have cre­ated to the Ar­chive folder. How­ever, us­ing Sys­tem Pref­er­ences’ Key­board pane I have been un­suc­cess­ful in cre­at­ing short­cuts to iCloud Mail­boxes. I have four fold­ers called, ‘Next Ac­tions’ ‘Some­day’ ‘To Read’ and ‘Wait­ing’ in my iCloud Mail ac­count which I can drag and drop to in Mail. I can­not get the key­board short­cuts to work though. Please can you help? Jim Wad­dell Chris­tian Hall says By cre­at­ing short­cuts to a mail­box, do you mean those you cre­ate by drag­ging a folder from full list of mail­boxes to the Fa­vorites Bar (un­der the tool­bar)? You don’t need to man­u­ally as­sign short­cuts in the Key­board pref­er­ences pane to work with those, be­cause Mail will au­to­mat­i­cally as­sign two key­board short­cuts to each mail­box you drag into that bar – at least, it does for the first nine mail­boxes from left to right.

Press­ing ≈+ç and the num­ber key that matches a mail­box’s po­si­tion in the bar (start­ing from 1 at the left, which is your in­box by de­fault) will move the se­lected mes­sages to that mail­box. Press­ing ç and a num­ber dis­plays the cor­re­spond­ing mail­box.

If key­board short­cuts, in­clud­ing those pro­vided by the sys­tem or an app, aren’t work­ing for you, have you checked that no other util­ity you’ve in­stalled, such as those in the menu bar that you might want to ac­cess at any time, is us­ing the same ones?

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