The Param eters pa ne

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The menu bar

1 The menu bar is split by type of job. The cus­tomi­sa­tion func­tions are all in Pa­ram­e­ters.

Tabbed sec­tions

2 Each group is fur­ther di­vided into tabbed sec­tions. Tabs de­note the ap­pli­ca­tion or OS func­tion be­ing cus­tomised. The num­ber of op­tions in each sec­tion varies widely.

Re­store De­faults

3 The Re­store De­faults but­ton is your friend. If your Mac starts to be­have un­ex­pect­edly, press it to put things back the way they were and prob­lems should dis­ap­pear.

Finder re­boot?

4 OnyX will ei­ther make a change im­me­di­ately, need to restart Finder, or even take over your Mac for a few min­utes.

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