Us­ing OnyX to keep your Mac clean and tidy

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OnyX (ti­ta­ is a handy app for per­form­ing Mac main­te­nance. It can also turn on hid­den func­tions and as­sist you in clean­ing up your Mac. If you have Gate­keeper en­abled you’ll need to right-click the app and choose Open, and then press the Open but­ton in the next dialog to al­low OnyX to run.

On first run, OnyX has to ver­ify the startup disk, a process that may take some time. It’s im­por­tant to use Time Ma­chine or an­other backup so­lu­tion prior to run­ning OnyX as it can make changes to the file struc­ture.

You’ll find a tu­to­rial about other things OnyX can do on page 52 of this is­sue. 1 Un­der Main­te­nance, you can check the startup disk’s struc­ture and fix per­mis­sions, run OS X’s pe­ri­odic main­te­nance scripts on de­mand, and fix ser­vice, cache and in­dex prob­lems. Check an op­tion and click Ex­e­cute to run it. 2 Un­der Clean­ing, you can delete a wide range of sys­tem caches. This can re­cover stor­age space, although it can be coun­ter­pro­duc­tive in the short run as apps use caches to load con­tent, such as fonts, more quickly. 3 The Au­to­ma­tion tab en­ables you to run a se­lec­tion of op­er­a­tions to a sched­ule. There are three main sec­tions: Main­te­nance, Re­build­ing and Clean­ing. Tick to se­lect the op­tions you want to run and click Ex­e­cute. 4 On the Util­i­ties tab, Ter­mi­nal fans will ap­pre­ci­ate man­ual pages for Unix com­mands. You can show and hide files, fold­ers and even vol­umes here, and ex­e­cute hard-to-find built-in apps such as Di­rec­tory Util­ity. Geeks will en­joy root­ing around here, but be care­ful be­fore us­ing some fea­tures. 5 Pa­ram­e­ters en­ables you to ad­just sev­eral de­faults used in var­i­ous places around OS X. You can dis­able vis­ual ef­fects and an­i­ma­tions, Mission Con­trol and Dash­board, and cus­tomise many hid­den op­tions in Finder, Dock, Sa­fari and iTunes. Click Re­store De­faults to re­turn to the orig­i­nal set­tings. 6 Un­der Log you’ll find a list of all op­er­a­tions that have been ex­e­cuted by OnyX. Click ‘Re­veal in the Finder’ to open a Finder win­dow with the OnyX.log file se­lected. It’s a text file of this in­for­ma­tion, which you can search in Tex­tEdit.

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