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1 Re-in­state Dash­board

Re­mem­ber Dash­board and its wid­gets? It’s still there, but it’s switched off by de­fault. To switch it back on, click Pa­ram­e­ters, then the Mission Con­trol tab. Now click on the box next to Dash­board. You’ll see a warn­ing telling you OnyX needs to restart the Dock. Click Con­tinue.

2 Al­low text se­lec­tion

We use Quick Look all the time to pre­view files, but hav­ing to open the file to se­lect text from it is a bore. To change that in OnyX, go to Pa­ram­e­ters, then Finder and look down the list for ‘Misc. Op­tions.’ Check the ‘Turn on Text Se­lec­tion in Quick Look’ box.

3 Hide any folder or file

If you share your Mac, you may want to hide a file or folder from view. Go to Util­i­ties and click the Visibility tab. Now click on Hide File or Hide Folder, then Con­tinue, then se­lect the file or folder. Re­peat the process, se­lect­ing ‘Show Folder’ or ‘Show File’ to make it vis­i­ble again.


Delete Mail down­loads

The Mail Down­loads folder can fill up with at­tach­ments and take up disk space. To empty it, click on Clean­ing then the Misc tab. Check the box next to Items in the Mail Down­loads folder. Uncheck any items you don’t want to delete. Click Ex­e­cute.

5 Stop icons bounc­ing

Do you hate the way icons bounce up and down in the dock when you launch an ap­pli­ca­tion? Stop their needy dances by go­ing to Pa­ram­e­ters, then Dock. Uncheck the box in the Graphic Ef­fects sec­tion, next to ‘Open­ing ap­pli­ca­tions.’ No more bounc­ing!

6 Cus­tom screen cap­tures

Tak­ing a screen­grab re­sults in a PNG file, named ‘Screen Shot…’ ap­pended with the date and time. And win­dow grabs dis­play a shadow. You can change all of that in Pa­ram­e­ters. Go to the Gen­eral tab, then the Screen Cap­ture sec­tion and choose the op­tions you want.

7 Find elu­sive util­i­ties

OS X has lots of Mac main­te­nance tools, but they’re tucked out of view. Click Util­i­ties and Ap­pli­ca­tions to show them. The di­ag­nos­tic tools and Screen Shar­ing are harm­less, but only use Di­rec­tory Util­ity and Sys­tem Im­age Util­ity if you know what you’re do­ing.

8 Show lo­gin mes­sage

For a dose of mo­ti­va­tion in the morn­ing, or to re­mind other users of some­thing, set a mes­sage to dis­play when you log in to your Mac. In Pa­ram­e­ters click the Lo­gin tab. Check the ‘Show mes­sage in the lo­gin win­dow’ box and write your mes­sage in the box. Click Ap­ply.

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