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Per­form au­dit

Log into LastPass, click the LastPass icon and choose Tools > Se­cu­rity Check be­fore click­ing the Get Your Score but­ton. Your vault is then opened, your pass­words de­crypted, and then they’re an­a­lysed for weak­nesses as well as du­pli­cate en­tries. Once com­plete, you’ll be given a full list of any email ad­dresses stored as user­names – leave th­ese all ticked and click Con­tinue to al­low LastPass to check they’re not linked with any se­cu­rity breaches.

Re­view score

You’ll be given a score be­tween 1 and 100, the higher the bet­ter. This is a gen­eral sum­mary, you still need to check each pass­word in­di­vid­u­ally. First, LastPass also of­fers to au­dit your mas­ter pass­word – use the pro­vided link to get that rated. Next, click Im­prove Your Score to see what things you’ll need to do to boost your se­cu­rity score – ba­si­cally, elim­i­nate weak pass­words as well as make sure you’re not us­ing pass­words more than once.

Check re­sults

Scroll down your browser win­dow to re­view the re­sults, or ac­cess them through the main LastPass app, which we rec­om­mend. All your pass­words will be listed in or­der, with each given a rat­ing and the least se­cure listed first. You’ll may find a large num­ber of weak and du­pli­cate pass­words at the top of the list scor­ing as low as 1%.

Change and up­date

Click the Up­date but­ton next to the first en­try in the list, to open the page in your browser. Log in us­ing your ex­ist­ing cre­den­tials, then go to Ac­count Set­tings and look for the op­tion to change your pass­word. You should see a lock icon ap­pear on the right-hand side of the New Pass­word box – click this to re­veal a tool to gen­er­ate a new pass­word. Re­view any pass­word guide­lines pro­vided by the site, then set the pass­word length and choose Ad­vanced Op­tions to in­clude sym­bols like @, $ and #. Click the Gen­er­ate Pass­word but­ton and when you’ve found one you like, click Use Pass­word. The pass­word should au­to­mat­i­cally fill the boxes – click Yes, Use for this Site to con­firm the change to LastPass, then up­date the pass­word on the site.

Move on

Se­lect the next pass­word and up­date it in the same way, then re­peat. If you have a large num­ber to process, don’t force your­self to do it all in one sit­ting, but do try to get it com­pleted sooner rather than later.

Keep testing

Get in the habit of run­ning the Se­cu­rity Check on a regular ba­sis – say, once a month. It’ll con­tinue to high­light weak­nesses, plus alert you to pass­words you’ve not changed in a while. It’s a good idea to keep chang­ing pass­words on a regular ba­sis.







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