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Five home au­to­ma­tion ac­ces­sories we’re ex­cited about

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El­gato Eve £TBA el­gato.com

What is it? A range of sen­sors, de­signed to pro­vide en­vi­ron­men­tal data, in­clud­ing en­ergy con­sump­tion, tem­per­a­ture and air qual­ity. The in­te­gra­tion with HomeKit should of­fer im­me­di­acy and con­ve­nience be­yond ex­ist­ing equiv­a­lent prod­ucts. When’s it due? ‘Soon’ Why are we ex­cited? It will help you make in­formed de­ci­sions re­gard­ing en­ergy use.

Philips Hue £150 (for starter pack) philips.co.uk

Schlage Sense £TBA schlage.com

What is it? We’ve seen quite a few smart locks of late, es­pe­cially on crowd­fund­ing sites. But Schlage’s one ticks more boxes than most. It’s de­signed to work with HomeKit, and en­ables en­try us­ing your iOS de­vice or a pro­gram­mable touch­screen. When’s it due? ‘Soon’ Why are we ex­cited? Be­cause we’d like our house to wel­come us in, and not have to fish for keys. What is it? Wire­less light­bulbs. You can con­trol your lights from your iOS de­vice, wher­ever you hap­pen to be, and also their hue, trans­form­ing your room’s feel in sec­onds. HomeKit sup­port is in­com­ing – you might need new kit though. When’s it due? On sale now Why are we ex­cited? Be­cause of the con­ve­nience, flex­i­bil­ity and sheer geeky joy of the sys­tem.

Withings Home £170 withings.com

What is it? An at­trac­tive sta­tion­ary cam­era that op­tion­ally sits on a mag­netic tray and sends still im­agery and video to your de­vices. It also fea­tures twoway au­dio, and even has a ‘lul­laby’ mode with lights and sounds for sooth­ing a baby. When’s it due? Buy on­line now Why are we ex­cited? Looks great and has lots of fea­tures. We had some per­for­mance is­sues in our full re­view though (MF286).

In­ci­pio DI­RECT Wire­less Smart Out­let $25 (about £17) in­ci­pio.com

What is it? A power out­let you will be able to con­trol from your iOS de­vice, in­clud­ing by us­ing in-con­text Siri com­mands, or even through prox­im­ity – for ex­am­ple, pow­er­ing up elec­tron­ics on en­ter­ing a room. Lamp adapters and pow­er­strips are also said to be im­mi­nent. When’s it due? ‘Soon’ (Q2, 2015 in the US) Why are we ex­cited? Be­cause re­mote con­trol of out­lets is great for sav­ing time and en­ergy in the home.

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