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I have been us­ing Ap­ple com­put­ers from the start; my first was an Ap­ple IIe, and my present is a six-core Mac Pro (Mid 2010). I don’t need, have or want an iPhone, Ap­ple Watch or any other ‘imar­ket­ing’ must-have, although I re­cently bought an iPad Air 2. In or­der to trans­fer files be­tween the two, I have re­luc­tantly up­graded to OS X Yosemite, and can’t say that I have found any benefits at all. It’s prov­ing im­pos­si­ble to get Air­Drop to work be­tween the two; I used to en­thuse about how easy and nat­u­ral it was to use a Mac, but sadly no more.

It’s turn­ing into a con­tin­ual up­hill battle. Am I alone in this, or is it just an­other side ef­fect of my old age? My wife’s Win­dows sys­tem by com­par­i­son of­ten seems so much eas­ier to use! Pa­trick Gosse

Seth Singh says… We un­der­stand your dis­ap­point­ment with Yosemite. We’ve slowly learned to ap­pre­ci­ate the im­pact of its sub­tler im­prove­ments, such as the re­designed Spot­light win­dow and the re­duced space used by tool­bars and ti­tle bars, but some of its best fea­tures – those Ap­ple brands as Con­ti­nu­ity – only work with very re­cent Macs and iOS de­vices (ap­ple. co/1HIt1Iz).

Your Mac Pro is ca­pa­ble of us­ing Air­Drop to share with other Macs run­ning OS X Lion or later, but the bad news is it can’t share things with iOS be­cause that re­quires newer net­work­ing hard­ware, even though it works no dif­fer­ently than the orig­i­nal ver­sion (and is branded the same). Tucked away at the bot­tom of ap­­bIk, Ap­ple says Air­Drop be­tween OS X and iOS re­quires a Mac from 2012 or later.

For what it’s worth, we like Air­Drop be­cause it helps us out in the of­fice on a regular ba­sis, but it’s easy to wish in hind­sight that Ap­ple had de­layed adding it to the Mac for a year or two to avoid this con­fu­sion. It’s not like there wasn’t al­ready an abun­dance of ways to trans­fer files be­tween Macs be­fore 2011’s OS X Lion.

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