Make your Ap­ple Watch your own with th­ese great cus­tomi­sa­tion tips

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A pple has gone to great lengths to en­sure you can have the Ap­ple Watch just the way you want it with just a few small, easy tweaks.

21 Ad­just­ing the watch face

Per­form­ing a deep press on the watch face dis­plays all the faces that are avail­able. Swipe left and right to choose a face and tap to se­lect it.

22 Finer face op­tions

Tap Cus­tomise be­low a watch face. Dots at the top of the screen in­di­cate the num­ber of fea­tures of the face that can be mod­i­fied, such as a high­light colour and how many num­bers are shown around the face. Swipe hor­i­zon­tally to switch be­tween them. Ro­tate the Dig­i­tal Crown to mod­ify the fea­ture.

23 Adding com­pli­ca­tions

Some watch faces pro­vide other de­tails be­sides the time (known as com­pli­ca­tions). They are al­ways the last page of a face’s cus­tomi­sa­tions. They can dis­play things such as the date, the tem­per­a­ture or your next cal­en­dar event. Tap the grey out­line around a com­pli­ca­tion to se­lect it, then ro­tate the Dig­i­tal Crown to change it.

24 Re­mov­ing Faces

You can re­move a face from the se­lec­tions by slid­ing it up and tap­ping Delete. Don’t worry you can add it again us­ing New. 25.Adda mono­gram The Colour watch face’s com­pli­ca­tions in­clude an empty box near the cen­tre. Tap it and ro­tate the Crown to dis­play your mono­gram. Set it to dis­play any four char­ac­ters in the iPhone app, un­der My Watch > Clock > Mono­gram.

26 Adding new faces

Swipe through the avail­able faces un­til you reach ‘New’. Tap it and use the Dig­i­tal Crown to add a new face. The same face can be added more than once with dif­fer­ent cus­tomi­sa­tions.

27 Wrist raise de­tec­tion

To stop the screen turn­ing on when you raise your wrist, and so only when the screen’s tapped or a but­ton is pressed, open the Set­tings app > Gen­eral and turn off ‘Ac­ti­vate on Wrist Raise’.

28 Wrist raise func­tion

If ‘Ac­ti­vate on Wrist Raise’ is on, fur­ther down its Set­tings page you can choose whether the ges­ture shows the watch or your last app.

29 Mute sounds

In Set­tings > Sounds & Hap­tics you can ad­just the vol­ume of ringer and alert sounds, or turn on the mute op­tions. (Un­like Do Not Disturb you will still get a tap on the wrist for alerts.)

30 Mute with a ges­ture

If an alert plays a sound, cover the screen to mute it. If cov­ered for three sec­onds, a vi­bra­tion tells you the Mute fea­ture has been en­abled.

31 Ad­just­ing hap­tics

Scroll down the Sound & Hap­tics set­tings to find a Ringer and Alert Hap­tics slider. Tap the icons ei­ther side to ad­just the in­ten­sity of taps.

32 Prom­i­nent Hap­tic

Fur­ther down that page, this set­ting gives a more in­tense tap be­fore an alert ar­rives.

33 Con­trol­ling Glances

In the iPhone app, tap My Watch > Glances to en­able up to 20. Drag the grips to re­order them from left (top) to right (bot­tom).

34 Chang­ing bright­ness

The vi­brancy of your Watch’s dis­play can be ad­justed in Set­tings > Bright­ness & Text Size.

35 Ad­just­ing Text Size

In Set­tings > Bright­ness & Text Size, the Text Size slider only works in some apps, but it af­fect Mail’s mes­sages and Maps’ road names.

36 Us­ing bold text

Text too feint? Switch on the Bold Text set­ting (be­low the Text Size slider), tap Con­tinue and wait for your Watch to restart.

37 Make switches clearer

In the iPhone app, un­der My Watch > Gen­eral > Ac­ces­si­bil­ity, On/Off La­bels adds a 1 and a 0 to switches to dis­tin­guish their state – help­ful if you also have the Grayscale op­tion turned on.

38 En­large the dis­play

Also in Ac­ces­si­bil­ity, turn on Zoom and dou­ble-tap the screen with two fin­gers to ac­ti­vate it. Ro­tate the Crown to ad­just the zoom level.

39 Re­duce Mo­tion

This Ac­ces­si­bil­ity set­ting re­places an­i­ma­tions when mov­ing be­tween the Home screen, apps, and the watch face with a cross­fade.

40 Re­duce Trans­parency

Be­low the Re­duce Mo­tion set­ting is one marked Re­duce Trans­parency. This re­moves the vis­ual see-through ef­fect used in some apps, po­ten­tially mak­ing text more leg­i­ble.

The range of Ap­ple Watch face op­tions is su­perb, and you can add com­pli­ca­tions and other per­son­al­i­sa­tions, such as a mono­gram. Com­pli­ca­tions don’t have to ap­pear in the po­si­tions where Ap­ple has placed them, or even be vi­sis­ble at all. Per­form a deep press on a watch face to view all its cus­tomi­sa­tions. You can cre­ate vari­a­tions of a face.

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