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Your lo­cal files

All the videos stored on your de­vice are shown here in three sec­tions. My Doc­u­ments is the stuff you have trans­ferred in from an­other de­vice, the iPod Li­brary in­cludes any down­loaded or pur­chased videos and the Cam­era Videos area will show you any­thing recorded with your on­board cam­era.

The file list

Any col­lec­tion of video or mu­sic files is shown here and a list can be sorted by name, date, size or kind. There’s even a text search field in case you want to go straight to a spe­cific file. You can play any file by tap­ping on its name.

Cre­ate playlists

You will prob­a­bly want to cre­ate some playlists if you have more than a few files on your de­vice and you can do this by tap­ping the Add To Playlist but­ton next to the name of any video or au­dio file. If a file lives on an­other de­vice such as a wire­less hard drive, the down­load but­ton here lets you quickly copy it over.

Re­mote de­vices

oPlayer au­to­mat­i­cally sees wire­less de­vices broad­cast­ing on your lo­cal net­work that have file shar­ing en­abled. This might typ­i­cally mean your com­puter but it can also be any kind of wire­less hard drive. Tap on a de­vice and en­ter lo­gin de­tails and you can ac­cess its con­tents.

iTunes in­te­gra­tion

oPlayer can let you search the iTunes Store for videos and mu­sic, and will trans­fer them to you if you wish to buy any­thing. Any con­tent down­loaded or rented from the store can be viewed in a spe­cial playlist in­side the app. This sec­tion also con­tains a down­load manager.

Wire­less trans­fer

Tap the Wi-Fi but­ton to gen­er­ate ad­dresses that you can en­ter into your com­puter’s browser to trans­fer video files man­u­ally be­tween de­vices. It’s pos­si­ble to trans­fer them back from your iPad or iPhone to the com­puter, us­ing the web in­ter­face. It’s quicker and eas­ier than sync­ing iTunes.

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