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Pre­view and open files and move them about the place

Mac Format - - IOS IMPROVE -

Set up set­tings

Tap the menu but­ton at the top-left of the screen to ac­cess set­tings, which en­able you to tog­gle pass­code lock and de­fine where down­loads go. The side­bar also pro­vides an Open but­ton for ac­cess­ing iCloud doc­u­ments and any other con­nected cloud stor­age ac­counts, such as Drop­box or Box.

Edit­ing items

Tap Edit and any ed­itable doc­u­ment will have an empty cir­cle at its top-right. Tap it and a tick will ap­pear. You can then use the tool­bar but­tons at the foot of the screen to copy, move, re­name or delete the item. The Ac­tions but­ton pro­vides fur­ther ac­tions, so you can zip mul­ti­ple-item se­lec­tions. The ar­chive can then be up­loaded.

Lo­cal doc­u­ments

Aside from four smart fold­ers (Starred Files, Re­cents, iTunes Files, Pho­tos), other fold­ers and doc­u­ments can be re­ar­ranged by drag and drop – tap and hold to se­lect some­thing, then drag it. To move a file up one level, drag it to the top-left ‘back’ but­ton.

iCloud doc­u­ments

Doc­u­ments 5 en­ables you to drag doc­u­ments to and from its iCloud stor­age area. This then makes them avail­able across de­vices and on any Mac that sup­ports iCloud Drive. (On some de­vices, though, we’ve found iCloud ac­cess in Doc­u­ments 5 can be slug­gish.)

Net­work ac­cess

Us­ing the net­work sec­tion, tap the wire­less icon to en­able ac­cess to Doc­u­ments files via a Mac/PC browser or We­bDAV-com­pat­i­ble app. You can also add ac­count de­tails for cloud stor­age providers like Drop­box. Fi­nally, avail­able Macs will be listed. Sign in to upload files to Doc­u­ments.

Built-in browser

Drag the browser but­ton to the left to ac­cess the built-in web browser. A browser might seem su­per­flu­ous, but it’s de­signed for sav­ing doc­u­ments. Tap the save but­ton top-right and you can save the page as a web ar­chive or PDF and se­lect a folder to place it in. Tap and hold a link and you can save (and re­name) that spe­cific file.

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