Es­sen­tial in­ter­ac­tions with your Ap­ple Watch

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There are three ways to wake up the Ap­ple Watch: raise the Watch and tilt it to­wards your face, or push ei­ther the Dig­i­tal Crown or the side but­ton. All three meth­ods take you to the watch face. To put the Ap­ple Watch to sleep, lower your arm or cover its screen with your other hand.

2. Ro­tate

Ro­tat­ing the Dig­i­tal Crown zooms in and out of the Home screen, and in the Pho­tos app it works in a sim­i­lar man­ner to the pinch ges­ture on an iPhone to zoom in and out. In other apps, like Mail, Mes­sages and Twit­ter, ro­tat­ing it scrolls through mes­sages (just like swip­ing up and down on your iPhone).

3. Glances

Swip­ing up from the bot­tom of the watch face brings up Glances, which are a quick way to ac­cess key fea­tures of Watch apps. Swipe left and right to move be­tween the dif­fer­ent glances on your Ap­ple Watch.

4. Friends

Press­ing the side but­ton brings up your friends list – short­cuts to 12 con­tacts, which you can pick in the Ap­ple Watch iPhone app. Ro­tate the Dig­i­tal Crown to se­lect a some­one then tap their face and choose whether to call or dic­tate a text mes­sage.

5. Deep press

The Watch’s most ex­cit­ing ges­ture uses Ap­ple’s new Force Touch tech­nol­ogy and is some­times re­ferred to by Ap­ple as the ‘deep press’. This is the same ges­ture found on the track­pad of Ap­ple’s new Mac­Book and Mac­Book Pro lap­tops. Es­sen­tially, it’s a much firmer press on the Ap­ple Watch screen than a nor­mal tap. The fastest way to see a deep press in ac­tion is to wake up your Watch and then press firmly on the watch face. The watch face bounces back to re­veal its cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions. (Lightly tap the screen to get out of this mode.) The deep press ges­ture per­forms some­thing dif­fer­ent in each app (but does noth­ing in Glances), so it’s worth try­ing when you in­stall a new app. If no fur­ther op­tions are avail­able the screen briefly bounces back and for­wards.

6. Tog­gle

Dou­ble-press the Dig­i­tal Crown to tog­gle be­tween the watch face win­dow and the most re­cently used app. This is very use­ful once you get the hang of it. To see all of your apps, press the Crown once to get to the watch face, and then again to reach the Home screen.

7. Siri

Press­ing and hold­ing in the Dig­i­tal Crown brings up Siri and en­ables you to speak your com­mands. Siri doesn’t speak back on the Ap­ple Watch, and will quickly van­ish when you stop speak­ing. Press the Dig­i­tal Crown to cancel Siri.


The Dig­i­tal Crown also dou­bles up as the Home but­ton. Push­ing it in serves a va­ri­ety of func­tions. It wakes up the Ap­ple Watch. From the watch face it takes you di­rectly to the Home screen, which dis­plays in­stalled apps. At the Home screen, press­ing the Crown takes you back to the watch face.

9. No­ti­fi­ca­tions

Swip­ing down from the top of the watch face brings up no­ti­fi­ca­tions (a red dot at the top in­di­cates un­read no­ti­fi­ca­tions). Swip­ing a no­ti­fi­ca­tion to the left re­veals an op­tion to clear it. To re­move all of them, per­form a deep press and then choose Clear All.


Tap and hold the side but­ton to bring up the power and lock op­tions. Three slid­ers ap­pear: Power Off, Power Re­serve and Lock De­vice. Slide an op­tion to the right to ac­ti­vate it. Power Re­serve turns off all Ap­ple Watch func­tions ex­cept for the time (dis­played in green text).

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