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Ap­ple Watch in­te­grates neatly with HomeKit, Ap­ple’s sys­tem for home au­to­ma­tion (see page 20 for more). Built into the Watch is sup­port to con­trol mu­sic play­back in iTunes on your Mac, and the Watch works as a re­mote con­trol for Ap­ple TV , too.

You can also con­trol the Cam­era app on your iPhone, which is great for tak­ing group shots and self­ies. Third-party de­vices take the Ap­ple Watch much fur­ther as a re­mote con­trol. With the right equip­ment you can con­trol the light­ing in your home, open and shut your garage doors, or mon­i­tor a home sur­veil­lance sys­tem.

79 iTunes con­trol

You can con­trol iTunes on your Mac from your Ap­ple Watch. Open the Watch’s Re­mote app and tap Add De­vice, then open iTunes on your Mac and click the right­most icon be­low the play­back con­trols (if there’s an iPod or iOS de­vice con­nected, click the de­vice icon and then click Re­mote in the list). En­ter the code shown on your Watch into iTunes and then, on the Watch, tap the li­brary’s name. You can now play, pause and skip iTunes tracks from your Ap­ple Watch. A deep press en­ables you to choose an AirPlay speaker on your net­work to re­ceive au­dio.

80 Ap­ple TV re­mote

The Re­mote app can also connect to Ap­ple TV . This also en­ables you to play, pause and skip tracks, and you can use the app to nav­i­gate the Ap­ple TV ’s menus. Swipe up, down, left and right on the Watch’s screen to move around menus and tap the play/pause icons to con­trol play­back. Quickly tap­ping ‘menu’ goes up a level, and hold­ing it goes to its main menu. 81Con­trol

your light­ing with El­gato Avea El­gato has a smart light­bulb called Avea (el­gato. com/en/smart/avea) that can be con­trolled di­rectly from your Ap­ple Watch. Open the Avea app on your Watch and it lo­cates nearby Avea light­bulbs. You can then choose from a range of pre­set colour op­tions (and you can cre­ate cus­tom colours on the iPhone app). Be­ing able to dim the lights from your Ap­ple Watch when you’re set­tling down to en­joy a film is a great trick.

82 Cam­era Re­mote

You can re­motely con­trol your iPhone’s Cam­era app from the Ap­ple Watch. Tap the Cam­era Re­mote app on your Watch’s Home screen and it will open its iPhone coun­ter­part. Use the Watch’s dis­play to see the view from your iPhone’s cam­era, and tap the shut­ter but­ton to take a shot. Tap the ‘3s’ but­ton to get a short de­lay while you pose for the shot.

83 Change the fo­cal point

This works just like on your iPhone. Tap the area you want to fo­cus on and a small yel­low square shows that it’s now the fo­cus point.

84 Side but­ton shut­ter

Rather than con­cen­trat­ing on the Watch’s screen to take a photo, just press the side but­ton, which also acts as a shut­ter re­lease.

85 Withings Home

You can use the Cam­era app along with the iPhone to act as a sur­veil­lance cam­era. If you like the idea of us­ing the Ap­ple Watch for sur­veil­lance then take a look at the Withings Home (withings.com/eu/withings-home.html). It has a built-in, high-qual­ity cam­era and au­to­mat­i­cally senses (and records) move­ment in its field of view. You’re also able to mon­i­tor the cam­era re­motely us­ing the Withings Home app on your Ap­ple Watch.

86 Con­trol your heat­ing

Honey­well Lyric (lyric.honey­well.com) may not be as big a name as Nest or Tado, but this smart ther­mo­stat is first out of the gate with Ap­ple Watch sup­port. Be­ing able to mon­i­tor, and ad­just your home’s heat­ing from your Watch is handy, but it’s the per­sis­tent track­ing that makes a big dif­fer­ence. By keep­ing your Watch on your­self, the heat­ing will turn on and off as you en­ter and leave your home.

87 Home con­trol

If you want to take home au­to­ma­tion fur­ther then In­steon (smarthome.com) is the name to watch. In­steon has a huge range of home au­to­ma­tion prod­ucts, rang­ing from door locks to home sen­sors, ther­mostats and lights. All of this is con­trolled from its hub and In­steon al­ready has an Ap­ple Watch app avail­able.

HomeKit is the quiet revo­lu­tion tak­ing place in­side the living room and Ap­ple Watch works as a pow­er­ful re­mote con­trol for many de­vices that are part of it. Early op­tions in­clude home light­ing and me­dia play­back.

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