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In­dis­pens­able apps to in­stall on your Ap­ple Watch now!

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As with the iPhone and iPad, it’s apps that make the Ap­ple Watch a great com­pan­ion. Those be­low make the Watch even more use­ful and de­serve a place on your Home screen.

88 thetrain­line

We love be­ing able to get live train in­for­ma­tion on the iPhone, and this app is the best way to find out which trains are run­ning. TheAp­ple Watch app dis­plays nearby and favourite sta­tions, and ar­riv­ing trains as a vis­ual graphic so you can quickly see if yours is due.

89 UK Bus Checker

What thetrain­line is to trains, the UK Bus Checker is to buses. Find nearby bus stops and de­par­ture times. You can plan jour­neys, and if you set a home lo­ca­tion in the iPhone app, your Watch can show you routes to get there.

90 Yelp

There are lots of apps for find­ing lo­cal in­for­ma­tion, but we think Yelp has the best com­bi­na­tion of de­tailed re­views and in­te­gra­tion with Maps. It fo­cuses on bars, restau­rants and cof­fee shops, but some­times that’s all you need.

91 Dark Sky

While Weather gives you de­tailed re­ports, Dark Sky fo­cuses on one thing: telling you if it’s go­ing to rain in the next hour. There’s some­thing rather lovely about get­ting a ping on your watch that it’s about to rain, so you can grab an um­brella as you head out and smugly watch it start to rain. It’s un­can­nily ac­cu­rate and won­der­ful for us Brits.

92 Things

Ap­ple’s Re­minders app is strangely ab­sent from the Ap­ple Watch, so now is a great time to take a look at Things. It dis­plays all the items in your To­day list, and you can use Siri to add items to ei­ther your In­box or To­day lists.

93 Citymap­per

It only sup­ports a few cities, but if you live in Lon­don then you should defnitely get CityMap­per (citymap­ It makes it im­pres­sively easy to get to home, work and other lo­ca­tions that you’ve saved in the iPhone app.

94 Ever­note

Notes is an­other odd ab­sen­tee from the list of apps that come with Ap­ple Watch, but Ever­note is a pow­er­ful sub­sti­tute. It dis­plays your Re­cently Viewed list by de­fault, which makes it great for quickly scan­ning doc­u­ments you were look­ing at on an­other de­vice. We were pleased to find its check­box im­ple­men­ta­tion is ef­fec­tive on the small screen, so you can use it to man­age lists of, say, things to pack for your hol­i­day. You can also use Siri to cre­ate and search for notes.

95 Shazam

The abil­ity to recog­nise (and tag) any song play­ing in your vicin­ity re­mains a thing of won­der. Shazam en­ables you to iden­tify songs from your wrist and get lyrics on the go.

96 Cal­cbot

An­other app strangely miss­ing from the Watch is a cal­cu­la­tor. For­tu­nately Cal­cbot steps in with a pleas­antly min­i­mal­ist in­ter­face that makes it pos­si­ble (just) to make quick cal­cu­la­tions. It also in­cludes a tip cal­cu­la­tor so you can eas­ily split a restau­rant bill.

97 Day One

Keep­ing a dig­i­tal di­ary is great fun, and Day One seems to be the min­i­mal­ist app of choice. Day One en­ables you to dic­tate di­ary en­tries to your Watch, add your lo­ca­tion to them, and even in­clude the lat­est im­age from your iPhone’s Cam­era Roll.

98 Strava

Se­ri­ous run­ners and cy­clists need to look be­yond Ap­ple’s Work­out app, and Strava is the app to choose. With Strava on your Watch and your iPhone strapped to your arm, the app tracks run­ning and rid­ing ac­tiv­ity us­ing GPS. More im­por­tantly, it en­ables you to hook up with other ath­letes for chal­lenges.

99 Life­sum

If the Ac­tiv­ity app gives you a taste for living a lit­tle health­ier, then try Life­sum, which en­ables you to track calorific in­take and the amount of wa­ter you drink in a day. You can add small, medium and large meals to the Watch app, which of­fers feed­back on whether you’re meet­ing tar­gets. It’s a great way to live a lit­tle bet­ter.

Devel­op­ment for the Ap­ple Watch has been brisk, with many third-party ap­pli­ca­tions avail­able. Games are off to a slow start, but there are some in­ter­est­ing op­tions. Health, fit­ness and nav­i­ga­tion apps are al­ready inspiring us to live bet­ter lives.

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