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Con­grat­u­la­tions with your mag­a­zine, I think it’s great, bril­liantly ex­plained, I love the gad­gets pages. Now, the rea­son for my let­ter; I have a Mac Pro with OS X 10.8 Moun­tain Lion, a hy­brid 1TB for the main Mac HD, 16GB of in­ter­nal RAM, 2.66GHz pro­ces­sor a new graph­ics card. I use iMovie HD 6 for all my edit­ing. Since film­ing in HD I have ex­pe­ri­enced prob­lems with edit­ing though. The footage looks great, but the tran­si­tions are not fluid, al­most ev­ery time I edit a scene to­gether I ex­pe­ri­ence a small flash or it doesn’t seam­lessly mix to­gether. It’s al­most like a jump ef­fect. I have to spend time ei­ther not adding a tran­si­tion or just cut­ting from scene to scene. Some­times the tran­si­tions look per­fect, but most of the time I have prob­lems. I think its be­cause my hard drive ei­ther needs to be faster or an SSD. Any ideas? Alex Per­dios Alan Stone­bridge says… Thanks for the pos­i­tive feed­back about the mag­a­zine, Alex. Re­gard­ing your prob­lem with iMovie’s tran­si­tions, do you mean they are faulty when you play back a project in iMovie it­self? Does the prob­lem oc­cur when you ex­port your project to a dis­tri­bu­tion for­mat, such as one pre­pared for iPhone, iPad or Ap­ple TV, and play that? What for­mat does your HD cam­era record in? Also, what is the bit rate of the files it cre­ates? If you’re not sure, your cam­era’s doc­u­men­ta­tion might tell you, or you can try open­ing the file in Quick­Time Player and choos­ing Win­dow > Show Movie In­spec­tor to find out. If you’re record­ing us­ing a high­end cam­era, you might find that the data rate is in­deed too much for your stor­age to cope with, but con­sumer equip­ment like the iPhone, even though it records in HD, cap­tures heav­ily com­pressed videos that should play fine from a 3.5-inch hard drive. It’s cer­tainly an odd prob­lem!

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