Ne­tatmo Wel­come

A se­cu­rity cam­era with high-tech face recog­ni­tion

Mac Format - - RATED -

£199 Man­u­fac­turer Ne­tatmo, ne­ Cam­era res­o­lu­tion 1920x1080 Con­nec­tiv­ity Eth­er­net, Wi-Fi Stor­age 8GB mi­cro-SD card (re­mov­able)

There are sev­eral home se­cu­rity cam­eras that have been re­leased in the last few months, but the Wel­come cam­era from Ne­tatmo has two im­por­tant fea­tures that the com­pany hopes will give it an edge over its ri­vals.

Most se­cu­rity cam­eras can de­tect mo­tion and tell you when there’s some­one mov­ing around in your home. How­ever, the Wel­come goes one step fur­ther by us­ing face‑recog­ni­tion tech­nol­ogy to dif­fer­en­ti­ate be­tween peo­ple that you trust – such as mem­bers of your own fam­ily – and un­wel­come strangers. You can use the cam­era’s iOS app to set up pro­files for fam­ily or friends, and you can even tai­lor the no­ti­fi­ca­tions it sends you, per­haps telling you ‘Jenny is home’ when one of your kids comes back from school.

Some se­cu­rity cam­eras also re­quire an on­line sub­scrip­tion so that they can up­load and store your video record­ings on the in­ter­net. How­ever, the Wel­come stores its HD (1920x1080) record­ings on an 8GB mem­ory card and sim­ply sends you a no­ti­fi­ca­tion with a photo snap­shot when­ever it de­tects mo­tion or a face that it doesn’t recog­nise. You can then de­cide if you want to use the app to stream or down­load the video record­ing from the cam­era to your phone, or just call the po­lice!

The ini­tial set-up process is fairly straight­for­ward, as the Wel­come has both Eth­er­net and Wi-Fi for con­nect­ing to your home net­work, and the iOS app guides you through the process of link­ing the cam­era to your iOS de­vices, or to a web browser viewer for Macs and PCs. Un­for­tu­nately, the app doesn’t re­ally ex­plain how to set up pro­files for peo­ple’s faces, and we found our­selves ran­domly tap­ping on var­i­ous menu op­tions un­til we even­tu­ally fig­ured out how to set up a pro­file for our own face. Once that was done, the face-recog­ni­tion fea­tures did work well, even in rel­a­tively dark light­ing, so the Wel­come cam­era is cer­tainly worth con­sid­er­ing as a way of keep­ing an eye on things when you’re away from home. How­ever, Ne­tatmo could do a bet­ter job of ex­plain­ing how the face-recog­ni­tion fea­tures work for first-time users. Cliff Joseph The Wel­come’s fac­ere­cog­ni­tion tech­nol­ogy is re­ally use­ful for home users, but it could be ex­plained much bet­ter.

As well as de­tect­ing mo­tion, the Wel­come can even recog­nise fam­ily and friends.

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