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I read your Best Mail Al­ter­na­tives ( MF291) with in­ter­est, as I have never been a fan of Ap­ple Mail and was de­lighted to see you rec­om­mend Post­box. I am a Post­box user, but you don’t men­tion in your ar­ti­cle its abil­ity to dis­play and com­pose mes­sages in one font size, yet send them in another.

My eye­sight isn’t bril­liant, but Mail is the only app where I strug­gle to read the text on the screen. I know with many email apps you can use the and the + key to zoom in, but this is rather so­lu­tion. If I use a larger font size, it means the re­cip­i­ents also re­ceive my emails in that font size, and as some­one who is self-em­ployed it wor­ried me that this would not look very pro­fes­sional. I used to com­pose my mes­sages in font size 16, and when I was ready to send it I would then change it down to 12. But I lost count of the num­ber of times I for­got to do this, hit­ting send be­fore re­for­mat­ting. Then one day a client replied say­ing that although I hadn’t used cap­i­tals, my size 16 font size in emails made him think I was shout­ing!

Post­box re­solves this prob­lem. It has two font size set­tings – one for dis­play pur­poses (both read­ing and writ­ing emails) and one for when you ac­tu­ally come to send the email. It’s such a sim­ple idea, but one Mail and other apps (in­clud­ing those you also tested in your fea­ture) haven’t cot­toned onto yet. Although I’ve sent emails to Ap­ple point­ing this out, there seems lit­tle sign of them ac­tu­ally tak­ing on board com­ments from users. Then again, per­haps I should send them an email us­ing a larger font size, so they can ac­tu­ally read what I’ve writ­ten on the screen! Si­mon Wha­ley Alex Blake says… A great tip,Si­mon, and yes it seems to be a fea­ture that’s not of­ten ex­plored in email apps. As you say, Post­box has Dis­play Font and Com­po­si­tion Font choices. The Dis­play Font con­trols the size on non-HTML for­mat­ted mes­sages that you re­ceive as well as those you com­pose your­self. Com­po­si­tion Font de­ter­mines how your re­cip­i­ent sees the mes­sage, and it’s not just font size ei­ther. Post­box al­lows mes­sage re­cip­i­ents to see mes­sages with a dif­fer­ent font, colour or back­ground too.

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