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When I in­stalled my Time Capsule and set up Time Ma­chine, I was never asked which net­work to use – the sys­tem just set up a new net­work, ‘Oys­tein Wi-Fi Net­work’, which is used ex­clu­sively for Time Ma­chine back­ups. The trou­ble is this net­work is not con­nected to the in­ter­net, or any of my other 5 PCs or Macs. This task is taken care of by ‘OP-net’, a home and WAN net­work.

As it is to­day, I have to change to Oys­tein Wi-Fi Net­work when I want back­ups. How­ever, most of the time I nat­u­rally want to stay on the OP-net net­work, which I use for ev­ery­thing else.

I thought it would be easy or at least pos­si­ble to set up the Time Ma­chine to use the net­work of my choice, but I’ve not been able to fig­ure out how or if this can be done. Øys­tein Pet­tersen It can be done, and it’s quite straight­for­ward. Con­nect to the Oys­tein Wi-Fi and open Air­Port Util­ity. You’ll see your Time Capsule there; click on it and click Edit on the pop-up. On the Net­work tab, make sure that ‘Router Mode’ is set to ‘Off (Bridge Mode)’.

Now, on the Wire­less tab, your Time Capsule is cur­rently set to ‘Cre­ate a wire­less net­work’, but the set­ting you ac­tu­ally want is ‘Ex­tend a wire­less net­work’. When you switch it to this, you’ll see a drop-down list where you can se­lect your main net­work – the one that is able to reach to the in­ter­net.

This will put the Time Capsule on the same Wi-Fi con­nec­tion as ev­ery­thing else, but it still means that your back­ups might end up trav­el­ling through Wi-Fi twice – once from your Mac to the router and then again from the router to the Time Capsule. That’s a waste of band­width, so if space and elec­tri­cal sock­ets per­mit, it’s a bet­ter idea to put the Time Capsule next to the router, con­nect them with an Eth­er­net ca­ble, and set the Time Capsule’s net­work mode to ‘Off’.

Un­less you ac­tu­ally need to ex­tend the range of the Wi-Fi net­work in your house, it is bet­ter not to have two ac­cess points broad­cast­ing Wi-Fi sig­nals.

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