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Vil­laz on­byLuis Is there a quicker way to and en­ter your pass­word. If you don’t shut down my Mac? When care about open apps and files, it’s quicker I se­lect Shut Down from the to use the short­cut ≈+å+ç+≠. Ap­ple menu it takes al­most a minute, Al­ter­na­tively, you could use the short­cut for and fre­quently fails al­to­gether the or­di­nary shut­down dialog, which is be­cause iTunes de­cides to restart ≈+≠. Ul­ti­mately though, if your Mac it­self. I’ve read that the Ter­mi­nal takes too long to shut down, why not just com­mand will sleep it? Mod­ern Macs use next to no shut down in­stantly. But is that safe? elec­tric­ity in sleep mode and restart al­most Alex M in­stantly. Hold å+ç and press the power

but­ton. Press any key to re­sume from sleep. Not re­ally. Shut­ting down from Ter­mi­nal re­quires all apps to im­me­di­ately save their cached data and they only have a sec­ond or two to do this be­fore the rug is pulled from un­der their feet any­way. If you have un­saved doc­u­ments open, you might not even see the prompt to save. Shut­ting down from the menu is slower, pre­cisely be­cause it waits to make sure that each app has had time to make an or­derly shut­down. Also, the Ter­mi­nal com­mand can ac­tu­ally be less con­ve­nient, be­cause it must be run as root. Which means you’d need to pre­fix it with Last month I in­cluded a tip for look­ing up the def­i­ni­tion of the word un­der your mouse pointer by press­ing ç+≈+d. There are some caveats for this: it only works in cer­tain apps (specif­i­cally those writ­ten us­ing the Co­coa frame­work, which in­cludes most of the stan­dard OS X apps and some third-party ones) and the short­cut must be en­abled in Key­board pref­er­ences un­der Short­cut > Ser­vices. That’s enough to make it work on my MacBook Air, but not on my Mac mini.

Both Macs are run­ning Yosemite, and I tried all the ob­vi­ous things, like

Af­ter I had dis­en­tan­gled all the bi­nary val­ues stored there, I dis­cov­ered some­thing very odd

delet­ing com.ap­ple.sym­bol­i­chotkeys. plist but that didn’t make any dif­fer­ence. So I poked through the prop­erty list file us­ing PlistEdit Pro (fat­cat­soft­ Af­ter I had dis­en­tan­gled all the bi­nary val­ues stored there, I dis­cov­ered some­thing very odd. While the short­cut was listed as ç+≈+D in Key­board pref­er­ences, the plist val­ues were set to E, not D. Even weirder, ç+≈+E didn’t work ei­ther. Af­ter a bit more pok­ing, I found some more short­cuts that don’t work ei­ther, like ß+ç+p to turn on Pri­vate Brows­ing in Sa­fari.

Us­ing PlistEdit Pro, I was able to hack the dic­tionary short­cut back to ç+≈+D and af­ter a quick re­boot it worked again. But how was it dis­abled in the first place? I don’t know yet, but my cu­rios­ity is def­i­nitely piqued…

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