Cre­ative Muvo Mini

A highly ca­pa­ble weath­er­proof and dust­proof Blue­tooth speaker, and at a bar­gain price to boot!

Mac Format - - RATED - Man­u­fac­turer Cre­ative, http://uk.cre­ 19x3.7x5.9cm Blue­tooth 4.0, 3.5mm Aux-in, mi­cro-USB

We’ve seen mighty sound packed into small form fac­tors, op­tions with in­cred­i­ble bat­tery life and even some that can take a tough tum­ble. But we haven’t seen a sin­gle speaker that can ac­com­plish all of these feats – un­til now.

The Muvo Mini’s de­sign will split opin­ion. Some will ap­pre­ci­ate the min­i­mal­ism, but oth­ers will think it unin­spired. Given the cost, most will be im­pressed with the build qual­ity.

The body is cov­ered in a smooth, matte plas­tic. Ours was grey, but there are red, blue and white op­tions too. The front is capped with a grille, which it­self has neat de­sign touches. Be­neath it, a mesh layer cov­ers the dual driv­ers and the bass ra­di­a­tor.

On the top are but­tons for power, Blue­tooth and vol­ume, and LEDs for con­nec­tion and bat­tery sta­tus. When held, the Blue­tooth but­ton pairs a de­vice, and it an­swers and ends phone calls when pressed.

On the back, a rub­ber flap cov­ers the mi­cro-USB and 3.5mm ports. Make sure it’s closed if the speaker will be ex­posed to dust or wa­ter. The Muvo Mini is weath­er­proofed, with an IP66 rat­ing that means it’s en­tirely dust­proof and wa­ter­proof just shy of be­ing sub­merged.

Sound qual­ity ex­cels at avoid­ing dis­tor­tion even at vol­ume. The bass ra­di­a­tor does an ad­mirable job with low-end notes, even though this is the speaker’s weak­est area. Even so, the gamut of mu­sic gen­res sounded full of warm mid range and highs. We ex­pe­ri­enced no au­dio ar­ti­facts or drop in con­nec­tion over 30 feet, even through a few walls. As a speak­er­phone, call qual­ity was fine. Also, the bat­tery met the hearty quoted du­ra­tion of 10 hours easily.

This tiny box’s func­tion­al­ity and per­for­mance war­rant a con­sid­er­ably higher price. It’s the best value for a durable and ca­pa­ble Blue­tooth speaker. Cameron Faulkner For all their majesty, there’s still some­thing MacBooks lack that would make them near-per­fect: top‑notch sound qual­ity. Let’s be fair, your stan­dard MacBook speak­ers will never be able to com­pete with high-end stu­dio set­ups; they’re not bad, but they still leave much to be de­sired. Sure, you could shell out sev­eral hun­dred pounds on a good au­dio sys­tem and hook it up to your lap­top – or you could pay less than £50 for Twelve South’s BassJump. For the re­sults it de­liv­ers and the price you pay, it’s an out­stand­ing bar­gain.

It’s not a speaker, though; rather, the BassJump pro­vides the bass out­put that your MacBook lacks, and for many peo­ple that’s all that is re­quired. It makes a world of dif­fer­ence: your MacBook Pro will sound even bet­ter than it al­ready does, while your MacBook Air will be al­most unrecognisable. It re­ally is that good. While it may not please the most se­ri­ous au­dio­philes out there, it’s an ex­cel­lent piece of hard­ware for the rest of us.

As with all Twelve South kit, BassJump looks gor­geous sit­ting next to the Ap­ple gear ar­rayed on your desk. Now is the per­fect time to take the plunge, as Twelve South has just up­dated the BassJump soft­ware and given it a welcome lift ready for the re­lease of El Cap­i­tan. All this for a frac­tion of the cost of a new speaker set? For me, it’s a no brainer.

The Cre­ative Muvo Mini con­tains ev­ery de­sir­able fea­ture you seek out in a Blue­tooth speaker. For £50, it’s an un­beat­able deal.

Tiny and a lit­tle plain-look­ing, the Muvo Mini is sur­pris­ingly

good qual­ity and value.

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